Wednesday, August 8th

Do you tend to shop more while under the influence of alcohol?  It happens, so don't feel alone.  Listen and find out what most drunks are buying..

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Most of us have a friend that has admitted to getting a little intoxicated at night and getting on line and buying something that they wouldn't have purchased if they had been sober. Yeah now back in the day I know we had one friend he would get onto the it's shopping networks. Now jumping or he would order stuff on QVC. Are you the answer to home shopping day CN HS analog KS. Is that correct me on I know the guy you're talking I go to duke tonight comes and a test on TV's. Yeah. I'm on the ground com. And the gang yeah so and that makes sense that away because I feel are intoxicated those people are sitting there telling you how awesome this is and how little time you have to buy it it's probably your your weakest moment exactly and then you know a few days you've forgotten and his like Christmas I was in the mail this I don't know the last time I mean the guy you're talking about it. About in the laptop then part of me must have thought really hard about it when I was drunk who sent this to me now we have Amazon for this and people come home get drunk and they get on Amazon and boom two days later something arrives that they forgot they ordered. Not turns out not all of these purchases are considered bad purchases. In fact they asked people what's the best drug purchase you ever made them. What did you order when you were drunk and when he got there you're glad you got it through I was kind of surprised that some of the things they said that they were happy about. The best drunk by his word. Musical instruments I really think about it he wanted to play the saxophone your whole life but you just never gotten around to it now one arrives in the mail and you feel obligated to figure it out. Time out. Their saxophones on Amazon.com. You do know that victory thing really I've just never I mean I'm I've searched for. Because they use and stuff like that but not saxophone you know the age she's. Z part of their resign it's everything. Again at a trumpet for allow. Where you drunk. Shots and Dan are now I'm sure I get to that delighted. They say other things that people did buy when they're drunk and they like his stuff for their cats so these are huge for your pet it comes in you're like oh fluffy I've got to try this on. Is that what happened when you buy your two ferrets know they were bought on line I didn't buy him the time out. If you put in there it's it's a to Z. Did you beat goes on Amazon.com. On a to have live animals on line but they have everything for fair it's on Amazon because we ordered a lot of fairy stuff. They have dead parents probably gonna go to Stockton hair and brown as in the decent but how hot. Half hour right. Other popular drug buys our health related items though maybe you didn't want to work out and you ordered that GM on Amazon zillion feel guilty as you can man and I orca these three years now about some exercise equipment. That might be how you would do it I don't know. Also holding kitchen stuff oh yeah people like that and computers is a big one. You know. That's one of those things where if you order one you probably really wanted to eat just didn't wanna spend the money and so when you finally do get it you're like. I'm glad I did that when I was not feel as that guilty. And didn't care about that in the money and now. I care about it but I got this awesome new computer so much heat. Time that would be something I can see needs you and ladies that clothing and jewelry were good drug buys. They were happy with that when it got there which few in credit card comes right. Believe in them. And then they also said random electronics and Amazon devices like the Amazon echoes that someone has been thinking about it one of these neat gadgets and say they finally do well there drunken when he gets there they're glad they did. I think I'm gonna go home and had a few drinks again on Amazon and this sounds like a fine idea to me. I'll tell you wanna does the best buys from me down all my friends enjoys enjoyed was the video banned from television we're that I got a woman at a drug purchase it was. So he would wish to go already Kato's house and he had this video. And it was all of these people dying in horrific ways and a woman stepping in front of a train or has he now like a bowling ball that is sick. Is it does so yeah plus he ordered it when he was drunk when we used to go to his house and watch it. You wouldn't know it anything let's watch this junior says there is watching TV and all of a sudden. It freaks people out it was Kuroda. I not I faces of death there's something like that that was well that's another series of the similar modes yet drunken order and and adjust anywhere you got buys sober now it look at and say that's going to be 16 over you would look at me like that school but people think I'm sick if I ordered yeah you're Dracula Elmo give that now Daniel learned not to watch it sober either that's true I dare us. Yes of parties every time on the part of might come a moment we've all watching video I have to look several signs for a cross train tracks now. You do need to get some one I DU before yes or even the yes side and just take. Minority officers in particular offense sputtered on an accompanist fewer shopping at. Yeah.