Friday, May 25th

What business do you wish had a drive-thru?  

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They asked people to question. If it existed which drive through would you use most. So think about some drivers the number one answer. Was post office. And K so post office don't have a lot of drivers they've been post office has any draster yes. I know the one I'm Maria does it really I don't know if they still use it. I have used a darn thing is there's a one person organ inside they say fool around the second window and you just have the one and elect the bank. Yeah and they can slides you stance I've done it in full and you can supersize your order and city Linda Lay out looking po box. But that was an alliance of people wanted to post offices with a drive through but see Obama I stamps when I'm buying groceries. Okay and then I'll drop my mail off that the post office drop moves on never really have to ever go into post office. And another answer was liquor store. But the cost. And I think that's instantly. Miami has tractors everywhere hasn't Donny Meyer my wife's hometown in Ohio had won the night here in my hometown had one when Orleans had a drive through hurricane you can draft in each hurricane but they don't have those here trigger drive through wedding I've seen. Why else he said there was a story I had read about the agents they stand their car and they like it I can drive in movie. And they pull up and they get married and how that works all the fans are already on the back for. They throw rice at the drive through beats the courthouse yeah it is where I grew up to cancer RD on the back of the bride to. Oklahoma. I did or did they make noise and that's I cluster. This weird kind of thing and OK people mentioned in the florists. And you drive you like you're on the way home she Jelena yet you swing through I needed dozen of whatever give me out of this taking the perfectly. There's like is that a chart for how much trouble you know that that's what you ordered your flowers I told her but look fat now what I need to buy the kitchen. You remember in Florida drive thru convenience store. That you would go through it in the face of Malcolm Brad and I have a better idea that I GA or something that happened in Ohio there but they're mostly people bought beer is Hannah but we have one here on east north for just a little bit of the time you drove me through the store and it had been that in the last I don't know. This area is definitely different and I guess every area has their little colloquial things it's I've seen a lot of places that have the little dry through the record stores you know I love thank you just or man gets you pulled the restaurant you get to parking place right up front and annuity you're so 2002. They come to my house now brown and so. Who's very Eads saw our area later in yeah later the bites while aka. It's yes yesterday ice on. Four or five of the delivery people because you can tell they're wearing their shirts and am there. Their bags and hand and the handful of food and they're either going or coming downtown. To get food to drop off somewhere else yeah lockyer taken those bases that they need to be used to help I. Yeah yeah my order yet later I don't know what I did I mention my drive through wedding have a drive through funeral. Who make it bloody well I think a lot of people that's how they did it. The last moments in the car. All. You know. And everybody go to the drive through with the lights on. And they just. So and the book on yet is that they'll put the book there and view the body the picture as he's Czech player at a lot of that to check your car's emissions player at it. Reynolds tailpipe pose that there. Well you're going through like that in my as the gets up and useful and that's not part of the funeral nobody is part of a drive everything that's a selfish on well on the selfish person but I can see the body lane in the wind elect the payment. Just minutes to open right there Brian on the amateur stand around it you know sway you. Or you know that you did not shake hands and everybody is going through a Helen Thomas McAfee today to an armchair. Opposite path you can if I'm of the family all day you'll be laying down dollar. It's. That. Way.