Monday, May 14th

A study says that most women liked to be touched, but most men don't..  Do you like to be touched?


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What a joke is being touched. A lot of people don't like even knew Tommy don't you like the Nihon that you're not a hugger that's not true okay I'm not a hugger with anyone except for my wife and kids that I love to hug them ball so it's just you guys I don't like to and strangers humor to be a best strangers. Oxford University they did a random study about how a couple people are about being touched cash now we know they threw. Guys all guys love to be touched by a woman. If that woman touches their arm and yes I mean she's into human are a part time. You know now that I'm married I don't like women flirting overtly with me like that. But when I was single but I dug it OK well they say that the most. Women are more open to being touched didn't guys care. So. And wanna be touched it again. But most guys don't want people to touch their face. That is interest except their significant others care so if I you know want to do you talented only orgasm right there let me make my finger and wipe it off just like granny did yeah I don't think you need to tax mind exactly you guys. I mean added an evenly to educate us face off we have ever touched his face. Or doing all well theory incidents. I liked my face tax and I think for you to eat I mean unless you have to make upon when I just like my face touchdown like. Fingertips thirty. Germs on my face and settling things she touches her own face times I honestly desperately I mean without seeing her do don't touch your face will always say that I remembered to you don't know what Micah she would like to Japan's Hamanaka has. Clean hands. Only women are okay though with their moms. Or sisters touching their face. Man but uncles and cousins. Uncles and I don't know if this is the the family reunion. Premiered there. Now of course when it comes to any body fat no one likes someone that your body fat don't rally and paint it could be bale Lleyton. It could be love handles it could be back fat. Like her you know someone's poking you going. Only if they're right there. And judges pinch hit like a cute does says it's not cute. I don't think it's cute and don't bring attention to it. I don't mind my wife that he has all the in my book role solar things a nanny. Or that bag and a big booted daddy back that don't confuse us and delicious tasting that. I. I'm not confuse the kid. Is. That that they go on that and and most guys are OK with a girlfriend or significant other putting their hand on a belly like if the Vietnamese did to continue to grow. That's. Do you need so how exactly it could happen as a death. Panels ago. It was what I mean like I demonstrated a new high in good hands on New Year's them. My detention system that not everybody. You know each okay well okay it was that is what today. And the average over Richard. Lugar. A yeah. I got. It now I'm just saying for a lot of significant others their comfortable with. But their hand like that I don't think women ours okay with you good night god but this can understand a date I am not a significant other to you. I know that I can demonstrate on somebody so I'm gonna go to HR after all these demonstrations every time bring up on the show. This segment I've been touch and you're not gonna talk about testicular cancer. I OK okay. Turner didn't go off of and today. No there is a difference in the guy's belly can sometimes it is perfectly rounded. And a woman who doesn't want her hand the much hands demonstrate on comic yeah. Hot hot hot now. I get the polar out next time come and he's my hands or fingers don't use one of the ones that gave me this type powers. I wanna get burned volume laser pointer yes say it will there's just a few intimate areas that people don't be touched in the bad backer back fan or whatever in love handles in any. Fat title of the text on my head and that is that I can say now back fat and I don't want you to touch my sat back. Okay yeah hands to yourself yes. Okay and eyes and on paper I have to Democrats could take. Paper hit full okay. My teacher didn't say that. Must have not had to remind me. Putt putt putt putt putt putt putt yeah.