Friday, December 1st

It was 25 years ago that the first text message was sent.  Do you prefer to call or text a person?  Listen up, and find out what The Hawk & Tom Show prefer..


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We all know that Al Gore invented the Internet and has made the best time killer ever for us at war. But you may not know about this thing that was created to one in five years ago this Sunday and it's now one of the most important things that we have when it comes to communication. And it is and homelessness cellphones a good guess. I'm gonna saying. Cell phone and K good gasket. A cell phone all right Heidi guys down yes I. If it was the first text message sent 25. Years ago this Sunday and now it's pretty much what most people use or their first line of communications. I use phones. At. Followed by the wayside and people use far less phone calls than they do text messages. You know I'm getting to the point where it's hearing someone's bowling season knowing I had no right yet McCain implicitly that from that time. RI. Oh. And you know what's weird is sometimes the person his voice annoys you they're text messages annoy you too because you read it in hear their voice or they write such weird ones huh well can even understand bad grammar dot dot dots is RG emerging. I got a text I have to read this to you guys and reminding well I'll show you prayers are right now and you decide if you think it was Isaac you'll read the text is the media will play again here and his Pomona was on. I. Of the because we were texting back and forth the last couple of days and could now be armaments to. Hey my friend asked who died he saw FaceBook Mike question mark. Ha I wrote back happy Thanksgiving he said you're at a church sat. Another in decipher both text from Heidi Aiken. A thumbs up and cry face laughing crying and you just say so. I wrote back no one died and then she wrote back doesn't matter just actually wanted to see if you were okay and the eyes looking up thing like I roll them on the wrong. I wrote back OK I'm fine I'm not sure what if prayer was talking about I did tech's last Sunday from church but I do that almost every Sunday because I think it's gonna move me to the front of the line. Judgment. Then this person wrote back someone name might died LO well. That's not funny I wrote Mike stands. And then were as far now that you're asking me I'm asking you guys that I don't know what you're talking about. Then she wrote back it's okay and then she goes oh it was a different Tom that had a friend who passed away I just thought it was you. Okay. I think a view and I should let Telesis Tom I automatically think of view and I'm sorry about that I want wiped out from I'm kind. A day now got to get through. Yeah ha ha. I know me know I'm not sure did you just speak a different language I don't rise and it was an idea that I was going why are you talk. And and you read taxed it doesn't read out around the same way as we hear in your. I know there isn't much worse than I have a hot. Aren't you glad that was in the first text ever stand twenty. I'm like I have sex I signed up today I BA can head and others and that test what is said this is a little work. I text really well I'd day and my knowledge is our spot line I mean eyes and you. The perfect in managing message Heidi you think you give good Christmas presents. We told you over and over again you don't you think you're not flaky we've told you over and over again by far the night. Average now in the world and you hear right the most in this I purple text messages and you refused to believe us and we tell you that you're mistaken. Your your yeah. I expect that to me yeah.