Friday, March 16th

Do you still have that teddy bear from years you still sleep with it?  Well, it seems some men and women do, listen and find out why..


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If you're a mom I'm going to tell you how to avoid making a huge parenting mistakes. My mom was probably one of the best mom is there ever was when we were little kids she was outstanding. I still remember giving up so much for us. She would stashing money aside from the groceries and save up to biased things so that we would be like you know have the cool stuff and then him able to impress our friends and all there. But my mom made one critical mistake the mistake that you ladies can avoid she had you. All joking aside. Com my mom threw away my stuffed dog named rough that I had when I was a little kitten and the room. I. I'm not one of those. That's like wishes I still had my dog to cuddle with every night right but I do wish that I had him just to see him again just to be able to shown to my kids and say this was my little guy when I was a kid because now my kids have their stuffed animals. And I plan to save them for them beyond talk about the dog passed away that you that stuff. You tell money animal talking about a stuffed animal correct payout is not weird Kato really. Not kid ourselves he stuffed animals and that's compared to what and because they really love stuff then you took the tags off me say that they can line okay so we have all those little bitty sparkly animals we have big ones in my mom's in the for Christmas but surely they have one that's like and I don't think SK yeah it's like and it's it's I don't even know how will be able to say of these Amezaga storage container well you don't save all of them but but a lot of parents know that their kid has 1 that's a special am on the idea my mom saved one of mine named William hound now look at him and he has him now. He'll figure plan so do you still have Klan yeah I still have him in the storage container. I'm very sad when those ventriloquist dolls who man. It was Corey. I'm glad she started out on away at college dummy. You know she didn't throw the Demi I have to let you know that's back guys probably still trying to come back and Feinstein and her allies he was great pizza and it scared to death and now I'm certain open in closet. I have a an animal I had a clown doll. That's scary that is it it didn't look like a clown clown it looked like market jester inning last is that what you split with yeah. Little little point in half. An awful ice for that LA is a lot actually yeah it wasn't an animal I don't remember having a little. It was and the army this is makes me wonder the point he had a I can think their morning cats oh I hear when. Half half. All right well the reason I bring this up is that 84% and still have one of their stuffed animals from Childs yeah a third of those still cuddle with that stuffed in a row now that's a little are the game but I would love to still have my little dog rough to show to the kids and more than anything my memories of rough had faded and I think I know what he looked like but I might. Be surprised if I saw him. I too rough times I don't really remember is caller's all that well I think it was a roughly brown a it was an I think he was why it was like orange and green years but I'm not sir. Via both ruffles. I. That's why I wish I had him so I hit like have a firmer memory of it would probably help you remember other things like you can't really sleep well my son has a mr. Pickens. Who is a New England mountain and my daughter has polio. Yeah we're seeing is that giant virus know how. Now he's the polar bear and he's actually name pulley I just jokingly column polio. Because that's funny. Any way. But you have my kids have a couple I think and in my son had Ellie the elephant when he was younger when I lost Elliott looked everywhere for Ellie but I I just wish my mom had saved the rough and I'm telling you was apparent today they'll throw away giveaway or sell your kids' favorite stuffed animal because one day when their much older and you wouldn't think so. They'll wish they had him again we jurors like really soft and cuddly or was he rough. My dad had he is. He had orders Curious George stuffed animals. That probably was worth money but we ruined it whenever we got a hold that the cure is what George. So I start to regret bringing this up now. But I was trying to do a serious favor for all of the moms out staring give you a little piece of advise that you who'll Rick Jewell thing before later. I'm sorry that Heidi is giving a rough time. And I think they'll about one fun. I'm sorry and that I wish your mattered if you route for you a rough. Management Rahm in his tidy when he's snuggled up to. There are pillow. Maybe that's why she gave way. Yeah I thought.