Wednesday, September 12th

A new study shows that the sense of smell is the most important when it comes to ladies being attracted to men..  Find out why..

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A new study shows that the sense of smell is most important stance when it comes to attraction for ladies females are attracted to males. By older more than anything else yeah believe it or not so if your teenage daughters Glenallen date nine entries she wears and I was like that that's. I think that we kind of discussed a little bit about this and we talked about that smelled dating where people would just cycle where certain instant everyone would smell the shirts and find out which ones belong to the person that they lie and yeah. Ladies like him and smell and they asked the women. If there's a great looking guy with a little bit of body other thing or real average looking guy he smelled really good which one would you. I don't know if I would even. Present and I don't. Well I would like to know if he's really cute guy had just finished working out or does he always that's now that's an island one and now. Road and it average looking guy. Because it doesn't work on. Yeah he did have Cologne and that's what we're saying I understand. That he doesn't Wear it any stone just going to be average looking not that that matters that he probably has a really good personality or. And Greg I don't know and I don't. He says okay Bill Belichick tried to stay out of trouble and I. Other women say they would pick the hours looking smells really good so he's got he's feeling good most of the time. You know I think women say that that Hedo until you're there you don't know the pheromones might kick in navy distinct you guys sets off something in your primal brain and you'd like go crazy for him even though you wouldn't think that you would. What the speaking guys rich. In the smell of money out there well how how much I know I is now. Cash or get a four. And I just think in the role reversal here if the guy that she was really drop dead gorgeous. And you know does it matters to you suffer through that because she's so hot like let's say she smells like who can't ride around she's drop dead gorgeous. I think it's short term you would put up with a bit long term you feel like I'm tired of this cabbage element and doing corned beef and cabbage that would do that without a better. Unless it's she smells like a fresh horse manure for a buck but she's guarded gorges now okay. Now. Narrow the answer right at this suggests. I depends on the situation yeah okay let me play this way okay. Sheen is dropping a gorgeous and she smells like these breakfasts as she puts in the microwave your morning. That's workable that's gone about Imus but not a she smells like that on. I wouldn't do that now I do think again it's a short term vs long term because she'll go out with a girl a nasty breath at a few times just like look how hot she is but he'll wanna marry her. Well and you'll get or some blistering. Horror it's like pasta to acts always offer her meant when you're going you know first I mean like oh she just doesn't second time. You know line. Maybe do something to this and third time like okay she's has bad break all the time. He'd tell on the fourth time I think what you do as you try to arrange ways for Curtis Miller and breath like to cut your hand over her mouth so that you look at. The captains. Her on maybe that's not a good idea. The key arrest. You all you tell her to love her everybody in the here and now that's the way they say you can tell if you know bad breath not given really serious. Bozeman I was like why you meanwhile Heidi. That that tourist bureau command blanket look at did you see issue at what you state approved with a look on her thing. And it's it's. Not bad coffee breath. Yeah but that's one way to town just liquor wrist might just as an elected chicken biscuit and a Coke. At least benefit because I. I'm Padilla that pound the best bet not a more attractive to me I'm.