Tuesday, May 15th

Do you nag your significant other?  Take the Nag Pop Quiz and find out..


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Well the number one secret for relationship romance. Is don't know OK yeah. Nagging reduces the feeling of intimacy. For guys I agrees and colonel Thompson talked about this for awhile ago take the nag you pop quiz this time. Heidi situation in have to study I thought I keep the teachers pass again is this cash. That we all taking it you can if you wanted it this way and didn't play on the war yes is you have the more of a man you are. Okay day ago. Have you told your man you wish he made more money. No intent it's cute that piety ID. I. She didn't change how. Yeah. That's worse. Than what they said. It is helpful were counting on yes I am more the desolate. Score Heidi and Casey dozens Allan Ray Allen. Yeah how hard my head I'm. For her to you here's a word why allies in the relationship. Now they say when you use the word wine. You're immediately judging. Why he does something unless you really don't understand why he is doing while I like you know why didn't you change the baby's diaper. And he's well and you'd be home you know an hour to do so. See that does plan. Act. How I can you are as our budget to. That's a began. That are down for yes and then. OK. Here we go with the nag pop quizzes morning and he frequently remind him to pick up after himself. I am confident yeah answered. That's. His arm. A simple clothing has negotiated Taylor like they put it a formal questions online. Is unaware. I better and I. Well how. Now there are we need to exactly. Exactly. Here we go now and pop quiz do you dislike your man's. Family or close brands and often tell him about those people now. That's not. That's not a problem. Guy oil dri half half. And do you frequently criticized. That. His bad habits. He's answering and I thought I ST SA and oh no I did is ask you as an IQ yes it is really OK here we yeah. Did you contradict your man in front of children or his friends now. Okay that's absent now you don't do that I'm surprised and a real now now that now OK we gratefully at home to the I. And out of the car on average night. Popped with a simulated CA David Moore yes is the more benign York. Wing using your man are with Koreans the every joke about him being less than romantic were criticized in any way or making a bed in anyway. Now not even joking. Joseph down joking count tidy now it now that undermines the relationship and the confidence of the person you're with I don't care who it is but are you thinking. He's got on an album and about guys chewing them yeah I used to that from the whole staff. Romantic. Well it doesn't have to be. You know his column on line yet stone and criticize and make him look bad in the former fashion and it doesn't look that he's she's on the line casino Rama. Story. Okay do you tell your main and then he rarely uses him to help you. Now he now he it is OK okay. So he would if he did look at it and yeah. Have you told your man that you wish he could be more lie. Your father or some other man in the in my admire a cousin and uncle or anybody like that news I like in the is. A it is okay and then here we go this is a nagging tests that were taken this morning do you frequently remind him not to. Eat certain food. Now. An album that's that's just. Ago it's very or by yeses and 13 or five and she 50% of Bernanke's 50% nag which makes me think that test wasn't really act and that's because it should have her a lot. He is an answer and I thought I thought I. I support myself I airline to injury I'm very. I'm 30%. A little bit. I'm 37. I did it com. Why do you always check after me when I'm doing these companies. I'm actually I'm there it's like I had you'll learn why why is suggesting you know he's not done for and a not really Taliban. Attacks and I didn't really yeah. It's a test yet. Yeah.