Friday, September 14th

It seems that if you make your bed every have more friends.  Why?  Tom tells you on this latest podcast.

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I've always heard there are three kinds of people in this world those that are good at math and those who arts and then I've also heard there's two kinds of people they just cut it in half all the time and split down the middle and here is the dividing line on this one. Do you make your bed. Or not. This is not a difficult question. Maybe it is pet health question well I quit making I never made it in the mornings I would throw there the covers up but I quit doing that when I think you had revealed its best to lead the covers open so. It was for the bed bugs and it does in the mines and there's less than that away. I throw the comforter over it and sometimes I arranged the yellows sometimes elect a fake dead make a much try and I try to make it. Clinton but I Easley. Are you. And not always pulled down the covers and little chocolate on the pillow all of us in turndown service yeah I'd like to stay there you and now it's yeah you can. I had my fair share of turndown service embeds it turned down a lot. But. Oh my take on. And I tell you know those. Shots I thought that's what I mean people do they creek bed and don't make the beds. People who make their dad have more friends. They are more likely to say that they have three or more close friends and people who don't name their dads. People who make their day are more romantic. On average about twice as romantic as those who don't make their dads telling Saddam. Though people who do make their dead arm more romance than those who don't make their dad. People who make their better more likely to say they're a morning person and they're less likely to hit the snooze button and I. On average they wake up fifteen minutes earlier than those who don't make there bed. That's probably because. They don't have to get up there earlier to make the bad. They got that extra fifteen minutes they can sleep and also people who make their better or more likely to enjoy jazz and watch shows like house hunters. And people who. Do not make their dad like rock music and comedies. On some specifics in news surveys. Agree when heating up in units you'll value. People who make their beds and describe themselves as adventurous confidence sociable and high maintenance. People who don't make their better more likely to say they're shy nudie curious and sarcastic. So that would kind of be in the I think I need to quit making the bed now we have sand people who make their bed will judge you for not making you'll words that's true I don't semis house staff and I'll even if it's you know just were quick yes. But drop this often can you monthly use the bathroom and you walk faster master bedroom leniency to advance not made Monday judge him even if months not made it home I'm like while they're nasty that make their van. I thought I thought I thought. I just blocked my bedroom door ally and I think a lot of girls think that they like they have a beef about clothes in the bedroom two more. Because they don't see the enemy to ban. There's amok here in their bed hour I'm sorry. And some people don't want. Let them know that they don't activists like there's something. Weird about women in their master Edmonds like they don't want. You know the landscaper to come in. You know strengthen your bedroom usually you're the weird when did you invite you landscaper and try to sleep number bed out and I don't sleep yeah. I was curious to know what his sleep animal here though weird when I don't let him I have to see them and you just wanted to see for him to see it to bed was made up. Well that he had to sleep number bed and I jet turned down for him to want to get to. Sleep number you can get a stock split. The anchor chuck Lafayette is over just let me know Blake myself landscape is mostly numbers 45 a so there's definitely at least three type of people hero in this white Dylan but the mail mania that I. I'd have to watch cover. Apple. Analyst and now a yeah it if you were you you have got a I've.