Friday, September 14th

If you're staring at your phone or lap top, you're straining your neck..  But there's something teens are doing that helps..  

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Well you have take nick. Friday do I get it sometimes. It's in the back here next whereas until it's so long. Right here all right well if you are staring at your cell phone or your lap tops day in and day. Your stream them and there's arise in young people getting feelers injected into their bank in order to combat. The neck that looks older than it should answer les zones picnic compared we get those. Believing that the pillars the Carol how tall are no plastic surgery. I did answer and we'll sort of stuck with tech neck. Asked caddie and I had a we're you just. Analyze a play like him like 81 plastic surgeries are. Not quite 81 a caddie. And thought you're the expert on plastic surgery and I don't fellas you know I was just thinking. Am half dollars a mine act like you're saying that do his legacy die your stance and needed Tillerson Hernandez is gonna. Without it you he is so negative so. She. Doesn't like thrillers in places around and sometimes yeah okay and popular. Well I can tell you I was a master flat and it still stays like a little lump right there there's filler and there. Well OK then you've got will lines Bernanke's big concern for like aging people. And it would naturally occur I've got this. Well yeah like the true because I got tech neck really count on a triple check into them on some of the back from an active. Tactic was more like when you're leaning forward down and you gonna have company your back it's gonna affect your posture I think in new leaned down in excess skin ring. Hole in the east straightened back it's like but Turkey thing okay salute underneath yours underneath you change probably not have the opposite because I lay in bed on my. Laptop. Some that is to have it way back in the illustrated out there's like. Want the flu it insistence. In the back moments ago day and that's what those are so you have double chin in the front and triple or double. One that bag doubled to keep the fact you do see people would have liked to Latin looks like me you know double chin on the back there. Me it's like the turtle neck okay I'm in real life okay. If if you editorial making not wearing a sweater I. Ahead in Iowa this a couple of oh. This is an amazing and you know he did you see like the older people that have that sagging. There's a lot of places I know like back to thirty and some of those places they have treatments they try to strike. Work on that quiz and you and I noticed that I've got one I guess since losing weight and has them on the phone and my mom goes I guess I was pulling on it and she's she. Yeah I didn't think that was a habit I guess they've yet to learn Heidi is had a standing smack yeah well they're doing an act. That is except it just. And every cloud spun myself from the so would you speculative it's almost like you're spank in the bottom of your change and and it's. A little bit of activity there in stimulates our eyes and I mean we're gonna that are used try because I heard you always take your tongue and throat that your nose and that. Is that muscles underneath. You're Japan. Sound reasonable and they were sheared the list the top of your mouth and tightens the bottom. That's more believable and what out of the picture was behind them and let's not enough at the bottom that the amateur talent copy amount of the review math in your time and your bottom. Is some connection. With the diamond huge and do an. Tyler connect it. Okay well giving filler injected into the makes a lot of the younger generation demand. It's an alternative. They say that they use some kind of micro needling. And right size is which and it's kind of what you're I've done my current needling OK it's they cause that own skin ten. Okay and it's us like they rub it on your face it's a little wheel with tiny tiny needles in a whoa and what that it doesn't make you believe but what it does is it makes your body produce collagen to fill in all of those little tiny micro holes and it's smooth your skin out well they say analyses expensive creams to make your next look younger yeah I don't know if I believe in the Korean what if you have concerned about the old Republican ranks were neck brace. Yeah I. That's that work I can I know is that you the elderly still aware of the turtleneck. That now. I'm like hey you it's July. Good ride and never thought of that that's why old people we are all those turtle necks and they need a short sleep tournament. Some of what I I don't even think yeah total next. I might just be there next. If it.