Friday, February 16th you feel sexy?   A study broke it down by state on who feels sexier.  How did South Carolina do?  Listen and find out how sexy we feel?


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Ladies I'll ask you a question this morning do you feel attractive or sixty do you feel like you've got to go in on us. OK hawk for oh Hadi was mentoring amounts have been assigned well. Basket cancer. Well I mean I don't know it think so. And my feeling sexy this morning. Are directed to me why I said ladies and I ask all the ladies. And we can't answer for you okay we can't actually I'm. Instantly mostly you know you might Qaeda and she feels like it here you know. Solved. I'm not allowed to do that my wife's that are hospice right. Well they asked women of across the United States whether they felt attractive and sexy and then they broke it down by states cowboy South Carolina didn't do moves slow well. Only 20% of you ladies said she felt sexy. That's below average is now Dixie bag they know. There are worse that's apparently McCain has the least sixty people in the United States and 6% of the women their felt attractive I'm never been. Now well don't wanna go now I think Stephen King is from there yes so maybe they're all horror story that's maybe that's where he gets his inspiration is from the women there. I. That there can. That they'll be hard they're bundled up and it'll feel attractive ever shave their legs and six months. Than outside no I'll put Tom aren't that would make exits except for war and problems on the number two most attractive feelings state for women was Alaska. So Alaska is also called state but those women. Feel like they got it going on different 32% of those that yes I feel attractive and sexy idea and so what state was number wise. Flew. California we can all pretend to guess the Cato rockets that the studio or they are now. And I heard this before I didn't hear it. You sit California. Well via the Meyer initial yes because you know this Hollywood stars and that people who go out there to be actors these teams of the beaches I didn't think of that note that enemy is ignorant that arcade and go with. California. Until Florida that apparently let alone against. Georgia okay. Kate you knew the answer to your raw. Do it was Florida. All of their 0% of the women of Florida's and they fell attractive or sexy Alaska and Delaware were tied at number two with 31 person OK I didn't an audience certainly did rock right I have lived in Florida. OK I active and you know back in our single years now we're Alan tam. There was some very attractive women floor yes there roar you on there are a lot of retired moment in when they were the attractively I. We like politics out of sleeping at a now folks I always bring that are out spring break a law on grass I mean there are a lot of attractive people at all in that Tampa an intent but you can be driving along the road in their deal woman evade this it said it selling hot dogs outside of the road I don't Guerrero the bikini had dug girls there and I was just like. Commonplace in Florida. It was pretty you don't see that South Carolina I ever Gladys. Trashy it was awesome offense is different. And Nancy. Lord it's so hot all the time you don't want to Wear a lot of close. Well they them. Andy feels it still attractive bothered Dylan. Essentially it's business Tom put on vetoes drugs of some thoughts now wasn't as lucrative it was because I don't think just. Their speed. Looks like com. You know eliminate stand yeah it was not. Help an advertisement hot dogs would Wear it when I was where you know. I rather about eliminate from that got in hot dogs axle. Today I. Hot out there. But you know Florida is number one outlasted Delaware never to New York was in fourth Langley hill there's a lot of time. Celebrities there today I guess yes but but again California didn't do that well it was only ten. In New York though it's like that it did I'm liking things the words but. Use feel I don't know Varity now people apparently feel confident. And it liken themselves and I'm sick if you feel good about I'm doing something not moved to New York okay that's New York City. But this state overall there's a lot of work to. Connecticut also Nevada now of course she got Las Vegas. The New Jersey Illinois Texas and California there's a trend there for that northeastern section of the country except for made to feel like their hot. They're like Wear attractive we're gonna look at as a guys aren't about the south mail some cute girls there zoo I mean. Tennessee Alabama. Miss this entry. South Carolina. Is very hard. Oh yeah and Georgia OK we'll Tennessee actually came in at the bottom of the list. Near it in the top. Tin bottom bottom two and whatever just lets you know Islam in here. A path. South Carolina was in the middle but it was actually I upper middle yes. That been like Mississippi was low Indiana Tennessee Nebraska West Virginia not very attractive I agree with him on that. Vermont South Dakota okay so if you wanna be attractive and feel attractive ladies you need to move to one of these attractive states place South Carolina though is still not too bad at point 8% were in the middle of the pack I think there's a lot of rain here ladies will let us just tell you this morning. You are hot and attract. Yeah. I don't you tell those people you feel that way and probably have you lost weight I'm telling you feel that way because Hawkins Thompson's. You're hot and we the nice view hi I'm. I do look very.