Friday, June 22nd

Airplanes are disgusting, because people are disgusting.  Hawk has all of the nasty things others are doing during a flight....and it's not nice..

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Well I'll ever fly again why. She today you know I guess it's like it when people stay in hotels rent a car fly. It makes it feel like they can do just disgusting things they'd never do their own home because it's not their personal property which makes it to other people's problems. I know the feeling battery may once he'd just it is bloggers on the back out and didn't care who I am and but it's I thought you're gonna say something like a plane crashed and you're never gonna fly again because of that I didn't think it was just console is rose airplanes are disgusting because people who fly are disgusting. While would you use to fly until just dissect and now. Here's the things that people there on airplanes that you would never do. Does to your own property okay for example they applaud their eyebrows. That polished their nails and stuff like that on airplanes that stuff people would do their own Pratt and not done. They stick chewing gum and places so only other passengers will discover. That at home. Not that the you're right sometimes people there. OK you know those seat back pockets that are stuff all kinds of stuff now they have found. Used Kleenex. Wet napkins French Fries dirty baby diapers. Have beaten hamburgers in those seat back pockets in. Are guilty of although one of those. I would never put a dirty diaper in there and that grosses seat on the plane happens to be the middle seat because children often sit there between the parents and also a lot of people don't wanna sit in the mail so people but the grossest things in the unoccupied middle seat. Allies pocket or when that passenger gets up goes the bathroom I'll stick my stuff and Hairston. There are gone now but not a dirty diaper you're never have thirty. Okay. Some of the passengers. Have blown their nose into blankets and follow them. First to that's finally got certain dress I thought they always gave you clean blankets for every passenger. Hey yeah. And I I got pregnant you in a plastic bag down the east just hand them to you that matters little plastic bag the but honestly cannot larger than the size of a paper talent out halfway that's because people are using them for what they used to probably in the size of a Kleenex you XXI hot and there's. A Kleenex. A flu though I didn't wanna bag. The last time you flew. For a couple years ago I'd he's flown more recently than us. Maybe two different airlines detailed it and now. I don't okay I'm sorry filed one time. I'm. Disgusting things people do on planes they dropped their bare feet up on the both kids of urgency of both sides of it you know buckets off. That's grass keep you feed yourself then they'll push on you seat today. You know get that little golf turnarounds look at them we really don't want I don't take my issues there are now on a plane where flip flops that one little side note does. Tom. You always take your shoes off on the plane in your stinky socks are all over my socks aren't stinky I just put them on that morning where he sleeps on the floor mr. where she's gonna take issues office uncomfortable that's where someone else had their nasty soccer. More. Or do you man you act like I care. And it Marissa. What we call you up from making out with you want to on the line it was because we took Ambien but that was disgusting and that's as a guest and I Mandy had lipstick all over parts to close that it Nokia get the stick on them I'll save it asks that's the reason I will never. I again he'll in my socks and you cannot blame this on me. I'm not blaming it on you so Lebanon you. Yeah I think your full Levitt I think you'll fly again and I think you've kind of knew all this stuff was going on anyway. I think the most uncomfortable and most obvious thing is when you have someone who is. Since they've shrunk the seats down it could be a normal sized person but did you have someone who's a little bit larger and its most difficult for them to fit then. The seats so high based on that the passengers again are disgusting no I didn't say they were discussing I just do it makes me uncomfortable and makes them uncomfortable. Off a picture of a guy like that in those taken by Stewart is at stake and this guy I was in the aisle seat but he also sat in half file where you couldn't even get the cart down on playing is that big he had to get up every time cart came and I can't believe that then fly one seat idea that you should had to buy two seats it was of that. Bad I mean is the dangers I thought that plane might tilt over now he was a lot of stocks days. But. Comfortable helpful there well here's some good reasons to fly and then you now know that hawk won't be on the plane and we feel and I am I'll be standing up the whole time. A.