Friday, June 29th

Hawk shares some info he learned about dinosaurs..  Listen and find out what you didn't know.....or didn't want to know about dinosaurs (and we're not talking about Barney)..

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So I'm a bit different here. We have some tickets to Jurassic quiz of the TV conventions in front of it as a way in just say okay. But I did some research on dinosaurs. And cage me. Oh well yeah yeah you know dented the Jurassic Park movies you know Jurassic Wheldon well the box office and this guy. I plan. Chris Chris plant yeah I like him he's great now yeah I do like him and am filling in one of our promotions assistance. She said she cried. Did you like the maybe she said I cried I don't know that was good or bad that I took it as you -- Chris Pratt yeah Chris Pratt assay Platt I was like who is Chris flat out sorry to hear that part on the side okay yeah I miss the guys from the guardian of the galaxies yeah you met him I did and I loved those movies I didn't Nellie was and Jurassic world. In the past he was in the first one you know people don't watch those movies a little kids and it scared the blow out there last year yeah. Okay show kids' dinosaur made the right now drastic world I love I. A guy to find ways to make it's here's some information and learn about dinosaurs. A dinosaur experts say that the real T Rex. Donkey semen Jurassic world. They had no strength in their little arms and can barely actually moved it will be on yeah. You know you see those arms that flowed out there and sometimes even the navy's they'll show this picture you know. Not. Dinosaur not inviting him to swatting him with his Myanmar. Dialogue ever seen that but I get most of my information about its ran a service wrecks from the Toy Story movies. Yeah so yeah I can tell that he doesn't have much strength in those little. Feel the experience and an armpit parts that's unfortunate for them. Well that's researched it online if you had a friend pick up each other out okay this amounts to but the book with a Q it. Does but we'll sort. That's that's all right just. Help me out the fifth floor. Story as the source that a dinosaurs dinosaurs it was the first honest sort of become extinct. That deplores this or florists. Oh boy you know if you ever went to. Comedy night where they have and the people who never done comedy before an eagle on state amateur and I military and Mike. That is what this feels like right now. Almost or like should you support and support and says maybe we can find out if he has listened to the what do we do to support this is freezers method that supported that I think that if the Florida. That's accurate to say that I ordered floors of Florida saw the source that's as far as with the math the fifth that. We have another joke site it size the progress that has little stake in the source. The source doctor tried it and I were citizens of Iraq now. Okay say Gupta sorts. The sort thesaurus. Dot thesaurus. Natural aligning. Yeah is that ignores this or done this tourist. It's now. That is what you lists. Amber who's tackling now and the cruel person who calls listing the listing. Because if you have a list that's very hard to say hi this about dinosaurs made the Zaurus. Okay back in the day shouting log giant meteor was common practical joke. With Kate mean ID supportive. That's not that's not luck that's a billboard. Hot dog and any error. Here at Terre doctoral urinate because the I know here I just yeah. If you fell right out there. They're prepared to act it. It's a great joke about death benefit our net on him I go to its. Hey some research on dinosaurs. They say two breaks actually had tiny arms because they hated hugs. All I was sad thing. And they make dinosaur nuggets out real dinosaurs when you were those that restaurant. For your kids it's hours telling like the dinosaurs okay and then finally they say peace say. Stick. And say that dozens status or us when you say stick a source backwards it sounds like Eli yeah any. Or support him hiding Johnny. Yeah I. Yeah I think that was going around mellow yet been any moral and any moral yeah it sounds like we'll go to pizza its biggest source backwards again price of the put it here and act out again let me say it again. I can't hear cared electoral. I I. It's oh yeah yeah terror attacks. The irony because he has island. You know what I can make up for all these engines are usually Kansas by going to Vegas to enter. Think quest for the tiny bits and thinner. If you had to sit through this last segment it's worth it no that's one person is going to be like you made it right for them and everyone else's like of guys' eyes are to rest yet. I.