Tuesday, February 6th

Did you know that McDonalds could cure your baldness?  Yep, listen to this latest podcast and Tom will tell you how..


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This is a pretty big deal and your gonna be hearing a lot about it in the news the next few days what is it turns out McDonald's may have come up with the cure for something that has plagued mankind force injuries maybe even millennia. Premiums millennium reasons. And home yes. For thousands of years. And that thing that's been plaguing yes I think is that X-Men and women in different ways is baldness. All right. I think for men of course it's always the for a lot of the guys they don't accept it gracefully or they find it to be some sort of and they're seeing situations some people embrace that and just go for their own it just Sunday people. They do those little hair plugs things and they do all kinds of different stuff for Wear away exert. Whatever Donald trumps doing in his situation. I believe that's his real hair what is scary I agree I agree but I think he's like because he doesn't have a growing everywhere he's flopped it all over and behind piles. He's in new swooped in around a hand to play you know week Intel. And yet Intel and it's not real vacant now I can't I never know let other people go like yes our says wig unlike anywhere all week. Yeah I told the story of a guy we worked with for years didn't know it was bald and I was walking down home one day and he is pulled up his. Whatever was to say and he ended like serve I act had Sammy Oman and unlike. I had no why do you would vault the app is here it was freaky Rea yeah. But the other so good nowadays it's harder to tell Brian Kato I mean I know some people. Are able to his spot at whatever you wearily got on them but I think it's a bad thing is whenever he's get. Close to someone and then they I read their hand through your hair and all they definitely know and a bad thing is when it comes off again. Gets caught your rain. Oh well I I'll tell us. I have has and they guys' eyes which is better answers there nightmare. What did you do. Well just he was dropping me off and I just. Well like you for the kiss gag grabbed his head and and to pay came up to mine so if you do look at my cash ticket. How. Sorry my left hand I definitely gave it back to him and I haven't seen Simpson. Wearing the town was just didn't recognize him. I involved. That's been a while that it was funny a case that it's all the a lot of these problems blood there reason McDonald's that's involved is researchers have now announced a potential cure for baldness. That involves one of the ingredients in McDonald's french fries. Well yes it chemicals called DN Diaz is short for a word I can't pronounce. But I'll try di methyl Polly so lock Zain right. Close and now what I say after after I. It's that type of silicon that they add to the Fryer grease to keep it from bubbling up time. Him and they say that this will help out because. It helps your body mass produce a type of cell. That develops hair follicles. And then they put thousands of those cells on the skin and it starts going hair in a matter of days and hawk now I know you hate initially pictures address staff you know this is just a picture of a mouse that's been treated with this it's. It's all the roads are memories that goes it looks like like due. Yeah it's these little tufts of what looked to be human hair growing out of the back of a mouse yeah yeah. Heidi beginning in McDonald's right. CA a lot of rise we'll see you and I think back in the day now Heidi maybe she should be a spokesperson for this product. Well they say and fortunately eating Fries a lone wolf or otherwise would be to areas nation in the no matter how. Yeah I'd be happy include the big Mac patch. Well with the you can't also you can't just rub French fry grease all over your head the researchers have to do something with the all of this but they say this will be a huge leap forward in curing male pattern baldness thank you McDonald's. He figured that out it's just some of the silicon stuff drop on someone's hand and the next thing you know there and hearing him. I'm not sure it could happen like a movie like the flyers and then we'll say Ronald has a fool head and yes LA you know they had to have done something because they've known for years they've been just trying to get under the bright red side. I. And that is opened up like hair treatment for me and and before you know it this mostly over sixteen billion served well with dogs and how about. Yeah. It's. You go away and you got to keep their Fries why you re in the treatment in. Drive through yeah my head with the account but what if your hair grew like French Fries him as president of the heavier can even as you know my eyes my kids play road blocks and one of the ways they spotted new bin roadblocks Sony's just signed up is they start off with what they call baked in here yesterday I'll start with hair that's made of what looks like bacon. It's so French fry hair seems like a logical next step to me but this would be and realize you have yet and Qaeda could you imagine people become an up and pulling your hair obelisk in power walking down main street now saw somebody would fry it and by enemy that would grab on and say you got any soft Scientology lucky you'll eat all your hair. I don't what would you do like you PG your and I guess you could pull your own out honey taste like and I mean you know I mean you know you care. Well it's going to be French Fries and that's not what it looks like well it's it OK I won't curly Fries. That I. Asked how can I I was. Yeah.