Wednesday, January 3rd

A woman was fired for complaining about her coworker....and now she's suing.  Why?  Listen up and find out.


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I think our world has absolutely. Gone crazy yeah and I don't know whether to blame the lawyers or the people filing the lawsuits. I still feel like lawyers we would be better off without on the and so once it UN feel that way if you need at a law I here and absorb would need a lawyer unless some other law your drug me into court would die now answered that Don Mac. But this is a crazy lawsuit that I saw and I think it's important for us to talk about because. We have situations that are very similar to that here in our workplace. But there is a woman who says she got fired because she complained about a coworker. And the complaint that she filed was that one of her co workers had chronic body odor. Yeah so she did something that I think it's pretty clever. She bought a bunch of air fresh yours and installed them all over the office today unfortunately. About six months later the employee with the body odor complained to human resources. That the air freshener had created a hostile work environment. It's. And so she was fired. For putting the air pressures in the office yeah. Here she is she's coming to work it stinks because this co worker she puts an air pressures up and she gets fired. It within a six month period somebody should've said something at that point. And then surprising her six months later that a what you did actually was not good news that shouldn't be allowed. Well she is suing for wrongful termination fishy should've went to management instead. That person's body over is a body odor causing a hostile working empire probably so Kato and that is something that reason I brought this up hawk. I have some papers to serve yeah. It's not your body Yoder an announcement released out of your body and I feel like you are creating a high style work environments all you retaliate that's true but I don't usually start it yeah. But I will say I try to air pressures in our office. For that very same reason Heidi you're also getting papers for me what I do that you bring in every morning and I can't get talk having passed gas but it turns out a lot of I'm sure they're only open his arsenal that you're right down. With in my and we actually had people call him before about a coworker at the office and has body odor and how do you deal with that situation and is it it's so sensitive to gives you can't just walk and say you stink. Go home take a back. And that's it's worse than that even because sometimes it's cultural so you get into the whole thing or they might call racism or some of the guys may be as foods they eat that cause that. Or maybe it's just whatever. Ethnicity they have the navy has a stronger Santa or something and so then all of a sudden you're racist or something yeah you know worse because. Yeah you'd. Feel like that that's affecting you. I'll start just walking around the desk of the person and looking on the floor and they say what's going on that there must be a dead rat or something. Around your desk because it smells like robot won the du plan like a week your month. Every every day in LA probably be considered hostile work environment to cater they'd probably still try to fire you for you know idyllic Christmas present. Deodorant soaps. Stuff like that passive aggressive and I had our entire I don't know it's just to get. Yet they have what this lady just put up air freshener in the office that's. Crazy what does management do them in the case like that. You know especially should've gone to management said this is a problem for a lot. People who look how do you go to your boss and go hey listen you know Joe's smells bad is that there are looking Eli will deal with Anderson and she's like okay I'll buy some air pressures and next thing you know she's fired been going in the summer you can like have a assault that you dale I know the water park. Yeah I again is not always that's their man and then they might all the birthday. Just sprinklers. Sprinklers but is up all the deficit and slide it under a skillet low and high level. What do I do with the co workers to either part on me or have sneaky thing you can't you know you act as though you don't do that in you don't have stinky food you have what's that arm pit Shealy that you bring them all records and into an international god brought you and your. I've must really hurt. And playing playing time are playing the UNH argument from the games. It's. A participant.