Thursday, August 16th

Tom tells the story of a couple who recently broke-up....and the "crappy" thing he did to get back at her..

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Whenever you break up with some line and it can't be on chemical break out or it could be an ugly breakup. And when their ugly people do some really rotten things. A disease problem or less rotten and others maybe stalking for awhile maybe you wanna get some stuff back that you gave on. I know for me I had given this girl a lot of expensive guess. And whenever I found out she had been seen someone else the whole time I was lightening and act like I should get that stuff back Brian but sheeting give it back in the police said that if I gave it to her says. I'll I. Well I isn't bad boy I remember those days but there are is a story right now on the Internet of a guy who decided that when his girlfriend broke up with and he was taken back center and he gave her game was a little unusual hawk. You did the opposite of this okay you went out with a girl and she gave you very expensive re done beautiful jukebox yeah you replay urban is again prefers now. And is worth. Mike you know several thousand dollars us -- and you were so upset about the breakup that you just gave that away to someone else because you didn't wanna be reminded that are yeah that's pretty close portage and get her back line and please yeah. Something I regret. I'd love to have had it and you're giving it away I know either and how emotions get the best of me it now dynamite to take it can handle the power lines. A. I say people do crazy things when they get dumped. And this guy wanted to make sure that his girlfriend couldn't do anymore dumping. So he stole her toilet. All well now there's some logic to this and then turns out that they were dating and he is a plumber and her toilet went on the Fritz. So he went and did the work himself and replaced her toilet and put in in new toilet okay. But she claims that he constantly complain about how much money he's been fixed in the toilet and how much work he had done and taken to well it's. Yet there at that time out that's again a guy's gonna brag about they absolutely she didn't notice like so elegant and I'm taken mr. Asia outcry Hala. Well but I just but it at all. She says after I broke up within the first thing he said design taken the toilet that but she didn't think he was serious 'cause who does that. But apparently. He came into her apartment and unhooked the toilet hauled it off there is a picture of it on the Internet of the hole in the floor where the toilet use to be. And I have to say it's pretty crappy the whole. And did. Yeah die. And and she says yes to that Taco Bell right now how to use the bathroom. Just don't eat there. Yeah I heard her talk go by is that plant is that yeah and I she talked to the police about it and they said that right now she doesn't have anything to go on. I. At all. Yeah no I just thought either right then. But but they say that this you know this whole thing is. A case that well he was living there at the time so he could say that he put it and and it is and he's taken with them when he leaves. It seemed like that would be like a fixture that you can't remain like renters cameramen. But these early days it was he bought it and put it in. Guys and it's best picture. That's just too much work for me yeah I am now would have come up got stuff from Texas. That I look at. Furniture in my marriage and I out of the army out just look at the stuff go and while glad that didn't work out. I mean it makes me feel better to see things that we've given to me if you don't break I mean you don't want to hold all it takes only one thing and then he was a professional now does it seem brighter I think I'm thirty minutes. It I'm just clogged it up for a OJ yeah yeah now I'm. And that's about it that authorities tried though that. There are together anyway. It's it's that we it's a weird does storming and I well the fact is yes the bathroom at taco that on the street she's supposed to get someone to come in and put in new toilet and for her cities oh. Whale dove on me. Yeah. CarMax dot com. Oh yeah for a plumber yeah. And that's probably sat on the day Everett doubled plumbing dot com there answer.