Wednesday, April 18th

How many times have you seen a couple that just don't match..  You ask yourself, "How in the world did THAT happen?"  Well, Hawk has the secret on this latest podcast..


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What I'm about to say makes so much stands an ego say I think their history the only premier of how many times have you seen a couple. They just don't mind should I mean we don't judge will be the likely. In the world did that happen. We times and I well in the million and a half about a 100% this room. Well landing a woman out of your league is pretty easy fellas not want to use the secret this morning. The key to a guy dating a woman hotter than himself is becoming friends with her first. Didn't work out that way for me. You're magnetism okay with you as a little bit different as with everywhere and that's a load of crap I don't because I think about some high school. You know couples I remember college couples. How much I want why is she dating game. In they hands for a while first and that's one thing. Ladies and gentlemen you are being sold a load of crap they finish you'll see more every day Hollywood movie where those the guys its friends will get the pretty girl in the end it doesn't work that way relationship starts in the brain and the heart. And then you'd you can develop this passion for one another after spend some time together bright kid down. I don't know she just said. But I think that she should be friends first researchers studied how to holds both are married and dating and I each couple. Was given a rating between. Negative three which is very unattractive to plus Avery which is very attractive. They couldn't do one to ten like a normal and I as it is is I can't why and then found negative and that's hardly even talk with the well. The roof of the results were building couple members were less likely to be match for attractiveness the longer they had known each other. Before they started dating. So why does this happen. Scientists say it's because friendships make time or gives time for people who might not be considered attractive. By most to reveal you know their. Unique non physical good quality yes you get to know that you're just to know that person. And they become more attractive to you overtime here are we looking at the physical side of things that you're looking champions. Yes. Well play Hough. Have given the opportunity. Yes it's a load of crap it doesn't work that way and realize. It really does. I think about specific couple line now. And I'm like she was drop dead gorgeous. And you'd just lived in her neighborhood they get to know each other and that's why they aired the today either of those people that you know you look at each other love at first sight it's all hormones and go for like literally every every Friday to a three top half. I knew. We know it was all money. You you are uniquely establish that yes on this depth it's ever worked for me either Tom it doesn't it's it's a loaded crab horses and I agree I disagree I think it will work for some people walk surely anything lower for some people but most people out there gonna sit around and then live this dream while they stay friends with that girl hoping that one day she wakes up and see OK he's the one we're not taken this to the extreme amount talking to guys in France we talk about that the other day about -- been friends for ever. I'm I'm just sane you see a girl she gives a guy a chance like you know he's not the key that she goes over the the couple times and then over to appear at a time. She's like. Can acute enough on and before you know they're married. And there inning. You know that babies and Augusta and in the credits roll the end of the movie that has its Hollywood fantasy. Not always not Tom's a woman likened work she'll need a god she works with any zone I France and nationally her husband for. I mean I don't know how our plans are then and now like yeah it happens there's a lot of times a year and I think there's a perfect example. We're co workers. Yeah I mean he's not cute at first but knobs and give him a chance because like this and you find daddy makes you laugh and then he really does treats you like the lady wanna be treated like all of a sudden you and you develop the sentiment program you can believe. All this money. All these things good and researchers. Studied or you can believe time. And like their research didn't come out tomorrow just the opposite from a different reason there period. You know well figured out I do I'm telling if you sit around thinking that's gonna save viewing area and in that with a beautiful wives and as I am crap like that now race analysts and sometimes that means it's like for and what you don't have to do is study does say is how it happened some time this. They did. They got Koppel yeah. That were mismanaged. And that was the scenario that what happened. Is she didn't find him attractive for right I'll Google some studies to see if I can't find it doesn't say if I'm open to what you're saying knock you your credit chance I think is what he's saying. I agree it below the low lifelong love that you've been looked a gang yeah. Something I'd say this is why single Tony but being right after I.