Wednesday, May 16th

Do you feel more confident about your body when you're single...or in a relationship?  Hawk tells you in this latest podcast..


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Well and he's got her boyfriend now half and curiously though do you feel more confident about your body. Now. Have a boyfriend get personal. Well either I am just let myself go completely and it doesn't matter or yeah because he likes it that means I like it more. Well okay. That makes sense that you know well I love her boyfriend here all of you know I feel I look make ensure everything is in the right place. When you get a boyfriend your little more comfortable so maybe. We're both just comfortable. That makes any sense. My wife said oh hi he's happy again. And a. Like to regain way and that well let's just say and that you are like when you're single you're always trying to be like you said all perfect and skinny and you let go. Half. I talk. I'm much like. Much like when you dated July column. Well yes I'm working out menu stopped him don't don't deny and do not say that out loud yeah I don't want him to hear that I've let myself go okay. And I tell JILEN. I'm comfortable. No hot. 68% of women feel more. Confident about their bodies when there in a relationship then when they are single well yeah. And I think. Evidently it's easier to feel good about your own body when you're in love whiff. You know the big slob sitting on the couch with a hand in his underwear watching you know ball game Machida I'm not with. Him OK that's not gone well. I think Heidi nailed it really you know I mean she's like I was someone else likes this so maybe I'll like it to let up on myself a little bit not be so hard on myself and which is really not what we're thinking ladies. Where I want you to keep Leonardo I guess. Dropped the ball. Of course after a break it being single you don't need you don't mostly via ball and I knew stock in the month based so you can lose weight. Yeah I have after a break and everybody's them people sit well. You know for weeks on and eating as things that you wanted to eat when you were trying C I went out to try to prove that I was the man and that she should know broke up with me so I was out at the Q amen I was going out and Mac and and all the fancy carruthers and I was pretty hot wherever I was single to Jason Heyward Mac you're managing. I'm sorry she's did you say hi I. Carolina. Okay well if you want to say they'll try a little clock or I think. The anyway it's via computer you want to. Now attract people's. Kardashian name so we don't win and you struggle with your body in reasonably yeah you're single what you need is to settle for menial things happen. Say OK I'll take camp and you'll feel better about your by not delayed yeah I don't think that we're. Need to find someone that you care about and lie and then they make you feel better about yourself are you sure did. A logical way. It's decidedly. And while I mean some people settle they have I was beans cupid I mean has been done to say you know despised in the nobody you don't do that no that really goes out there and listens to me it's as you know what. I get a I'm me some person in just settles so feel good about my body he does good pitch you've obviously never been to Wal-Mart. There are some people that do that younger people that settled you play dumb on purpose. No not all the time. I'm not bad yeah not al-Qaeda isn't as he believes it more than he did died.