Monday, August 20th

Apparently, cops arrested a guy that had a Code Brown in the BACK of their patrol car..  What is a Code Brown?  Listen and find out..

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When I was a kid I was fascinated with police officers yeah I wanted to grow the police officer arriving joy and the explorer's club which was a group that worked with the police and we did stuff like. Learning how to do search and rescue operations. And we rode along with the lease option in their cars and how you played with a Dora. And I'm Dora the Explorer yeah oh my god I. Oh my god the police explorers is an actual thing and we would go out and do all this cool stuff and one of the things are really loved about being in this explores group as we learned about the different secret codes that the police had like in ten toy when he was their location and then. They would have these different things when they were taken a break yourself a handful or yeah that is okay. Felt that island first this CD Grady and I TN 100. Blankets went to go to bathroom. I don't recall of that but there was also codes and Coach Brown was one though is remember them in the bathroom that was the bathroom and Bill Brown was when you had to go to the bathroom dad and it was going to be like a little longer than code yellow. So they would you know be like I had take it Coach Brown I'll be back in ten minutes plus code red. Code red means very it's too bad it's there. That is having to do it that. And I medical issues now but there was Coach Brown recently. A man was in pretty rough shape he was driving home in the police got behind me is going too fast can they pull them over Ernie said he had a code brown who's trying to get home because he really really needed to go time. Well the cops were a little bit suspicious he might have had a drinker to show them. So they checked him out and he was drunk. They also found he had a loading guns and matched the description of someone who had been firing a gun into the air earlier that night. And third he kicks one of the cops during all of us. So they've put him in the back of the police guard taken to jail. Only problem was he was not lying about her around. And so he had an accident in the back of the car bomb and then on the way to jail he had another accident in the back in the cars now he's facing charges. Including wanton endangerment fleeing driving under the influence resisting arrest and assault and an illegal code brown. So ease in a lot of trouble at this point. This mug shot album he's probably not a young guy I don't think he's in his twenties he's probably in their forties maybe higher. But. That just made me think about you know. The times when you just didn't think you're gonna make it sound like guys and what you're gonna do about it and is speeding home is not the best answer because you could end up in a lot of trouble like this guy. Embodiment who has a jog and tied the island we were there is coming poker abilities and he was jogging in in in time the restaurant and throwing his jogging shorts. Well there are a lot of wireless space has that tiny that was halfway through his job. So what did he do the rest of the you know towers something I don't know involved. Marie terrorists just rode in on FaceBook and said 10200 means to prove because I. My husband is a cop okay polished and 100. It was 2200. Changes it's in 100 is going to. Coach Brown is also a but yet I know I had guy. When I was in high school archers got together this big thing we did car washes and all that saved them money so we can go to the holy land. And so we took this group from our church flew to Israel and Egypt and saw the pyramids and all this. We all came back home with a bacteria that had never been seen in our own down so we were some of us were quarantined I couldn't leave my house for two weeks and that was in the summer so it didn't he could miss the school as a kind of a bum deal you only dream of that now I don't yeah that's how a lot of my friends didn't realize he had it until he had been out and he was trying to get home in time. And in the that haven't eased his house was locked. In the end up having to run around to decide their house in his mom's garden. Yeah instead because that every time they were eaten tomatoes. Otherwise no firm that's it's this not as good when you know that thing you know on. Coach Brown story I mean and a price to Odeo all the time and it's very. And oh your mom had an EM isn't taking Great Neck and find the bathroom as the new school. And it's oh it Latin anymore mom showed among mom here. I didn't tell anybody's. Unions happy the good teacher and miles and first grade I knew where the bathroom lives. And I just didn't want to yeah my kids now they don't want to go to school not at all mama pick me up to yeah I told and nurse I was sick and I needed to call mom to pick me the same thing anybody at the almighty they won't notice. And that's just worries me about you. That 11 o'clock in the morning. How was the only notice I was in this hour that second rate guy peed my pants that would come out the bathroom is I knew people would notice noticed that you went down the G me and I notice. When you can hide kind of your stinky kid. Her awhile. You know every kid that school is talking about Yale. You know finally knowing those kids anymore except yeah case that's a human face forget once while he reminds me of the story. You have noticed. I'm other.