Monday, December 11th

We all have those friends and family that like to send those Christmas letters bragging on how good their family is compared to yours..  But are those letters true?  Listen and find out what it would sound like if they were telling the truth..


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I think all of us have that one person who sends us a Christmas card bragging about how well the family has done this year Alia and you did it and it's like he opened the card and there's a letter inside the you have to unfolds this don't like FaceBook only seeing the good step drive like you know you they filter out all the bad stuff about it lines. But the has been extended into the graduate school of Harvard this year she's only eight. We've decided to keep her in school one more year is announcing they put the bad stuff on FaceBook. Unfair that good stuff in the latter the bad stuff you see on things well it's frustrating when you read these letters because you always feel like your family doesn't measure up you know because. Randy has accepted an invitation to go off in the PGA this year he's twelve and had. God Nicholas best score ever on our local golf coolers and I. You know you're like oh my god Mikey can't even hit a soft ball off but he's not I and and that and edit their. They're kids going to the PGA are sent. You know frank got another raise this year in his annual bonus was 25000. Dollars so will be going into the Turks in case goes this Christmas again ha ha ha that thing you know you're right here read this and you feel crappy. But we got one of those cards the other day and it was just so honest and truthful it made me feel better about my life. And I brought in this morning I'm actually going to read to you okay yeah hands I'm not gonna say the well. Do you guys don't know so it won't matter they're gonna out of town. It says. Here's an update from our family. And we will start with our youngest Landon a precocious and super annoying three year old. He winds all the time it doesn't go to sleep when he told he cries when he doesn't get gestures after dinner and most of the art work he brings home from the nursery is awful. I was our pride and joy and the source of our drinking problem how. Hunter is our energetic yet surprisingly on athletic nine year old who just got cut from a soccer team that doesn't even keep score in their game. How does that even happen. He spends most of his time on his iPad and said his first swear word this year at all and very exciting and that's okay. Matty age eighteen she goes over her data plan each month honors cell phones she was grounded for two weeks this fall after she snuck a guy and through her window to watch a movie. He got fired from so for after telling her boss just because I'm on the schedule doesn't mean I have to show up. She wants to drop out of school to become its degree am famous all laugh. And of course I asked commonly so we are somehow still married after seventeen years Tom still tux is T shirts into his jeans and just took money from our retirement account to buy a fishing boats. His golf users still on the steps after I told him three times to take him upstairs Merry Christmas from the Allen fan. Ball says that they're keeping it real this year and I made me feel better about our athletic I was like wow ordered a little better and that's good though because that will actually spreads this year about your life like OK my life is normal and I wonder though that the bad thing is that Mike wondered how much this was true. As you think in their mind it gains them through moments. That it tricks. They're putting the best up about their lives in that letter. Imagine that really is no you just assume that there's some stuff they're not talent and if this is the stuff they're putting in their letter and they're joking around it how much of its. Partly Ria had you know today asked that I am wondering is that they just think of these things are they something that actually kinda happened I didn't take it as a joke now and rail honey pretty round. Sounds like a high. It's.