Friday, June 29th

You know it has to be tough to be a celebrity....just ask Tom.  But what would you do if you're constantly being disturbed by people?

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I guess if you are a celebrity and go out in public it's going to be tough right town but I always enjoy it I'm not one of those stuck up celebrities that feels like I don't need to have the time to drive people aren't like I saw it wants to have a picture of me at take a picture with them. They want me to sign autograph I sign autograph. I'm thankful not people want to be around doesn't treat us this way I'm not a snob like some of them stuck up Hollywood celebrities. I don't think. Felt that he probably has something in you know sometimes you're busy you know he had Aaron Iran and someone stop you. How hard is it to be polite to someone who genuinely wants to talk with the because they lights you. I agree and I had people say oh I saw you at such and such restaurant and I don't wanna bother you on my. Always come and say hello him buy me a drink and stuff OK but if you. Theater I don't have a problem with a little help if you exercise. Any excuse to stop exercise. Try this. Scott talked to this man. I didn't like get back and I did go to the U because I would literally be pumping and pumping in the try to stand there next to me on the trip out on the treadmill they would stand next to me and talk about and I am I. Not right now Kenyan town let me finish. Yes nine you can put all your employer until also become a same day will on this night here in Michigan. It's the third largest city. I'm Warren Michigan. The mayor's put on FaceBook if he's jogging. Or John India both have it now if he's jogging and don't disturb him. I'm finding both for this guy his name's Jim vowed to post on FaceBook after residents complained that he didn't speak until Molly was jogging. I wouldn't vote for him. I think he's stuck you you know what jogging is one of those things where you don't wanna stop that's part of the routine as part of the exercise like if you stop and but if he waves. Nods his head and smiles and keep that's our guy Elvis wanna stop hey you know mayor Allan talked about so then you know I just want to say you know I don't appreciate what you did downtown with good. Played probably never get out of the neighborhood and that's feast that's he's bothering him on the wants complaining about everything. Okay may be but it I mean how artists they were you know what I'm exercise and and do what jogging right now that feel free to come down to the office later on the day and I'll be happy chat with my need to run next to human and half he'll want to stop B job I'm sorry you can't start jogging for thirty seconds to tell him that would get to stop it and you want them layer so a lot of people recognize unions stop it six times why John. And Illinois can understand it well locally army air doesn't stop wanna I wanna talk to him out of jail term if ha ha ha ha ha he got he starts jogging as well. I complained a lot because you live downtown and they've done a lot of things down and can make to a nicer and everything they you oppose that now they do a beautiful job. But don't we start on their grass and talk tall buildings on main street we need to. Change some things they almost moved the city of Greenville because cotton and planes apparently get out and we're just gonna move. Well in this mayor he's a little bit older he's in his seventies he says he's trying to keep his heart in good shape now. And angels I'm available 24/7 but just not when I'm jockey what heart. I don't know how hard. Well yeah I I'm I can understand them. Monday that it doesn't wanna be bothered volleys jogging and you and Tom played out of these could be invites people and he's friendly then you know I think it's okay from missing at. I would almost spot somewhere else the job. Heidi just laid aside that I agreed with there and I don't I was just the opposite of her I said that I just was just at that record. So I that she agreed with me but I just said he can stop with thirty seconds and tell them that he doesn't have to be a jerk about it hump she's a woman she's good at doing that Jane do you think. It he convinces me. I agree with a lot of I don't think I did but I mean we do.