Wednesday, March 14th

What if you had to release a public statement every time you broke up with someone?  Celebs do it, but if we had to, it would sound weird.  Listen and hear how Tom's statement would sound.


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I find it so alive when celebrities break up and they released a statement through their publicist was something like they are so grateful for the time that they had together. To me that is so bizarre is so odd because imagine if every time we broke up with top line. We had to release a public statement. Why I had broken yeah that was so weird do you feel like 'cause most the time I am not grateful for the time I spent with the if I broke up with them or they broke up with me I'm up stats yeah mom would be quick enough and just to the point she's crazy. All of us ought to be that person that calls out the other line you both especially with Hollywood you'd think they want to. Known as being an easy to get along Lanston and they part. As friends. You know it doesn't make any sense most people part because they're angrier that it got sent you know do they have like dinner like look we're gonna have to break let's look at how we gonna present this to the public. I can only imagine the publicists are exactly doing that do we wanna get some publicity on this and like you know since so you're great you say I'm crazy and then we can make a big blow up a van. And then about a song gotta become a hit do you know what an image you know how they do that they are stage some of that stuff we have some publicity even debating and what would be good is like they are one those war award shows they're presenting an award in and they get mad at each other and his blow up on stage that would be funny. Or more likely is that all of a sudden he has to present an award and seized the winner of war yeah that's a great way to get a lot of stir ago and -- she gets the award and she hits him longer -- on TV over the head with a roster I would watch the awards show exactly that and suggesting that but I mean I was just thinking what would you do if you had to come up with a press release for your last breakup because my would be a little bit like hit us guy she's crazy and you should all avoid her but you can't do that in a relationship where it just it was comment AMOCO. Now. Amicable as the world are trying to break talent in music it takes me back. Sports talent to xmas just ain't got time for makes me fifteen seconds at one word that I'm moving on nuts I mean you've had some relationships you like. You want that passion about. I guess you always broken up with them right. The revenues you don't know islanders on so I don't think I have that very meter they should just rye would release a press release that says uh oh we are grateful for the time we had together. I it would be something like. I don't that are still wise she's doing this I thought things were going great and she is losing out all lot here. She is missing out big time does she not know who I am. And she took all my stop and she's got I carry us well. I mean that's what my publicist would be like trying to hold on tell us try to tone that down a little bit how about your grateful for the time you had with her no rule C but I would spin that. I'm sure she's grateful for the time she spent with me now basket night and day now on line course does have meaning. Engagement breakup while so what did you say about you he. What are they think about all she can't say that on the red. That is a non disclosure you know I had had emigrated. But I'm I wish we all get along Roth for all your exes everybody. I was creepy. I -- and think about if you are in their relationship and its new audio like you're not get along you wanna break up but the like all right listen that the we've got to come up with something we're gonna say publicly via so here you are Europe upset with each other maybe one W is really mad. But then you've got to both sit down and like maybe even when you're fighting your like does this mean more breaking up. Or what are we gonna say publicly I mean that's part of their discussion this level again that's weird that's got to deal weird element to add to it or Taylor Swift just write a song yeah says. Experience. So those guys you know they're the ones they're like you break it within Ewing in the publicist saying that there was an amicable and you wish he were your gonna still be friends it's like oh wait of the song comes out I don't make money on it. But it's a much better idea Hanson and a relationship outlay and throwing stones at each banner no no response basic are windows and it feels good to negated out a zoo in really think it's I bet you one of the two within his bottle it up some serious upset frustration or anger right now. People look at life and possibly as you know what does it work for that's when may reach. On I learn something from dating or being with. You'll cry today for me it's always there a gesture of my personality I. Sorry. On your grade glitzy but.