Thursday, April 19th

Tom has a new study that says you should really be choosy about who you hang out with..  Listen and find out if you need to be unfriending people..


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I'm gonna tell you something that I have said for a long time and if you were to believe. The reports and studies you would think I was wrong Jiang. But you may have heard people say don't surround yourself with people. Who'd tell you that your grade all the time or. Don't believe all of your positive. You know bring people boost you up and tell you how great you are positive affirmation. Again I guess yeah well you know want I have not done that. Dot com he didn't time it give me positive affirmation. Well sometimes mr. Carl brown answers right. That could be one thing but they say it like Dell surround yourself with yes men don't surround yourself with people who tell you how great you are all the time because you know you'll fail. Well a new study is out and an old study backs it up that says the wealthiest people. Hang out with people who are positive. Goal oriented optimistic enthusiastic. And have an overall positive mental outlook and tell them. Positive things that you'd. Thank you I admire her and they of boy pessimist at all costs and OK so on Whiting and you have people saying oh you know don't hang out with pessimist because they're bad for you and on the other hand you have people saying. Uh oh adult let people tell you how great you are official get a big ego you'll fail. But yes man is different than some moments just to get attitude whose. Happy to be working with you there at once you still probably will tell you the truth to be honest with you know. Oh no one's Cecil and tell the truth and be an honest with them as a positive person they see them as a pessimists and you guys are looking like in a work in time and I was vegan friends is both okay then that's what I was thinking you guys turned on the working all I see like well we went that wake of this is about millionaires that went with for. With friends if you wanna hang out with positive fun people yeah like you're having a party you're not thinking the first person idealist not to become. Black and heck yeah I not know him now time only in his eyes and time is. Well kind and as first thought Janie plus one yeah. I don't you guys say that that you take me out of the work environment I think I'm pretty fun too far. Because there's no pressure there is no we don't have to perform at a party I mean there is no ratings the you have to be number one that. But whatever comes to work I'm very focused on you know hey let's make sure we've got our details taking care of every party have been that we need your number one getting in the line duty yeah. That's the positive outlook I had hit it and I didn't make him down table. A guy I hired. Vehement. Half dollar a great day it is right now pessimistic. Though I think it was funny what you wanna hang out with us Tom. That's right you anymore I didn't let the book is called change your habits change your life and they say your. Only as successful as the people that you frequently associated way rich people are always on the look out for individuals. Who were goal oriented optimistic and enthusiastic and who will lift these people up and tell them that their ideas are good and positive. Goal oriented man I'd love to be that high score on angered. You can do it. You can do it on these people also limit their exposure to toxic negative act all. They say that the importance of substituting negative friends and acquaintances for positive individuals. Is because. That people tend to behave like the people they associate with I think there's a thing birds of a feather cry together. You start to behave the way the people around you BA. One now we have an influence on each. That's a scary thought is this I mean just imagine Democrats you would actually be in the and we weren't so wonderfully by the and you say that the yeah uttered twice negative besides me I hear him yeah. Besides me aside and vote no well you talk. Across from me. So I know I honestly do you think the most positive person on the show me out. You need. Get on its Heidi but it's not because that she's right he's just flaky. That being that person punish. I think she's the most positive for. He's positive about that yeah. What she should feel down about yeah Ivan make appliance. You know it sees as positive because she doesn't realize our ship is sinking to. I guess they're playing jump.