Monday, January 29th

Ever heard of a "Camel Beauty Pageant"?   Well, it's a real thing, and hundreds of thousands watch it.....and millions rewarded.  Listen and find out where you need to vacation next..


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I'm gonna making the most interesting person at the office or school today can you worked Eric. I'm going to tell you a story like no story you've ever heard before aren't you're gonna learn things you never learned you're gonna find out about ways that people cheat in a contest you didn't know existed. You're gonna become the most interesting person as your business or school. Because I'm gonna tell you abouts. A camel beauty pageants. That was riddled with cheating. Heidi this is apparently not against the rules in America beauty pageants American Beauty pageants. But in Saudi Arabia where they have their annual camel beauty pageant it is illegal to use this substance. Gasoline not gasoline and I don't even know what you had in mind. Steroids not stood by. Our lingerie Botox but I like her going with that talked via a camera lingerie. Two months or one. Hope. Well. Saudi Arabia's camel beauty pageant is no laughing matter 57. Million dollars in prize money. They take their camels seriously but it doesn't of them just got disqualified. That's 24 comp soc I. Moms it turns out that. The 300000. People that word bear for this contest. We're being cheated because some of the camel breeders were using Botox. Technically their handlers were using it on them one Campbell breeders said they use Botox for the lifts the no Lewis. Even the jaw it makes they had more inflated so it's like oh look at how big that head is it has big lips and a big nose to. I'll be honest I don't want. To imagine the lady Campbell lips she should get Botox on the while some women. After. Filler sometimes looked like acts on applied properly. Yeah I you don't want to use Botox on your toes that's for sure. I I just can't believe that they would use Botox on these camels to try to make them somehow look. More beautiful than they are pure. And and talks and makes everything kind of relax and surprise it would in March it tightened up. It just makes it does take it to softened everything that you don't have to wrinkles and you can't lose it though you'll get the wrinkle thrown off relaxed is. I don't know way I know my wife can't frown at me when she has that's awesome to not be any gambles leader does and my wife usually walks around looking a little bit surprised that what I said and I like that because it makes it seem like she was paying attention and she never looks angry when I do something bad. So I'm like honey we ticks me is sanity and she looks a little surprised and happy to do it. I'm like I like this Botox but that camels I mean I that they were disqualified. Over a dozen camels were disqualified they say there's no criminal. Problem with this but that you are disqualified from the contest that point. But can you imagine that they have 300. Thousand people that it in this. Camel beauty pageant and there's 57. Million dollars at stake for prize money. Well one other entertainment and they have I don't know but I'm thinking to myself why isn't this on TV here. It is true that popular surely that should be on TV everywhere. And they're looking for stories beauty camp. Campbell idol. OK at. Shrimp I. We can go a little far away yeah. Has the I. I can't come up and anything I had their eyes on you all my stuff some stuck back there you product. Camelot and and that it yes. Yeah but anyway I just want you to go to day at work when you start talking about the camel beauty pageant in the cheating would Botox that promise you'll be the most popular interesting person wherever you are cherry tree that. I think Newton or there your coworkers won't talk to you anymore either way yeah it gets to do is read here I think I.