Thursday, February 1st

According to a recent study, calling your parents more often could make them LIVE longer.  Especially if you think they're feeling lonely and isolated..  Listen to the latest podcast and find out why..


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Talked you may be doing something for your mom that is a really nice day and I might be doing my parents wrong all okay that you know I tease you because you call your mom like what you were three times they oh and Dana today and you guys talk a lot on the note you know we did talk a lot. I would say at least do. News eight Angelique that's a lot. OK nine. Don't feel bad about that good to a lot of people say that's giving him account relationship with your mama yeah I don't know but adding it's nice that you do that's I would think she might be annoyed at that point. Like oh gosh let's talk again. But your mom probably love ya you know because you know one no matter how annoying yards she's that you're still her baby yet but I'm. Well researchers have found that Colin your mom and dad and may make them live longer on good yet they found that people who called their parents and spoke with them regularly were better able to keep an eye on how lonely and isolated their parents felt today and they found that the parents to. Kept up with their children on the phone regularly lives an average. Of about six to seven years longer than those who did not so it's important it's collier mom and dad day passes to all of because you only will be around onto. I mean that is pretty. If you would not being guilt and and because your parents before now this should guilt you into it I agree it's so easy that I mean I don't think Minnesota you know it because that's not true that's one of the reasons I don't call more it takes thirty or forty minutes from my parents get on the phone around actually start the conversation with mom I know you were on my mind only have a minute and does not make a difference in my mom's still keep talking and talking and talking. Okay she's a talker. All right well and my dad to do when they get on there it's like. And I mean even guilty want to get on I still Wear them for thirty or forty minutes that I enjoy the conversation but then the next time I'm gonna call I think. Do have 45 minutes or not if you come more often like Huck does yeah I have reason to try to keep you on the exam when you're in college. Fine I mean can swing it like if I go on like every day sometimes it's a five minute column sometimes it's you know three hours ago now we'll. I don't. I. I know Friday they always feel that three almost two hours and isolated nine. My mom will have Bob conversations with me in. I mean it. Yeah he has measles site. So anyway now you go in the down my goodness that god it's almost ran me off the road can you believe gas is three dollars a gallon Ahmad analyst Taco Bell has a special I'm gonna pull through there and in my. A law. Thanks. That's another reason I don't throw it there also I think about it Emma like this guy acting like to go off to college don't see parents. And yeah and quick guy at all. A duel I will say this colleges probably not gonna make or break and they're probably still get in a social life then Hank and yet this is older parents. I think I will say that for me I don't feel bad. Because I have no hard. But more importantly I know my brother is there in town with them and he goes overall lot and is with them alive so he's coverage for me and he has their favorite and I think about you know what I he didn't used to be the favorites as you've -- colony and that's because I moved away and he lives there close and so now he's the favorite and that's another reason I don't call more pressure out there are not the faith. I know I'm not the favorite when I've been told that. But I'll I'll make a point to call ma ma you're stuck you're a wind favoritism sometimes it's not gonna happen maybe it it's not gonna have that makes you in my book that makes use doctor I would not sucker right here it's that they're not tricking me into calling them and I'm not the favorites as the guy who tried to by the biggest. Christmas gift down do is I used to be the favorite acts yeah. Thank you yes I'll I was and then it's that I fell out of favor because I moved away. And he's the favorite and I'm not gonna call him all the time now can. He can do the work that he's the favorite you'll regret it one you know what I bought all this to extreme TDs and it didn't even buy me there'll. I. How to narrow down your mom and dating today it.