Wednesday, July 11th

Have you ever seen someone order fast food....and a diet drink?   Is it weird?  Is it a good idea?  Find out..

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Never go to like a restaurant sorry fast food restaurant and see some one order. Do three cheeseburgers and decide to order a Diet Coke with that I've seen it I've never done it but I student I order a regular Coke because I'm like you know I'm already. Eaton Adam as well just go ahead then you know that they start to make sense now yeah. And I'll order a diet soda. Maybe have dessert it kind of makes sense and away because at least there it by not doing as much bad as they could have a port in restaurants I've seen it happen. Until it's so hard to for me like if I'm ordering a cheese burger or piece of pizza unlike -- some people drink water with that then I'm like -- -- that's just boats you know it's awesome for me as I don't think about any of -- -- -- I don't worry about whether I should have this with that are that way that I dislike what would I like right now that's what I wanted to be because I don't usually drink soda I would be the one ordering the water with a pizza. I'll injury on his way down get that you guys are weird how much if I'm going to enjoy that piece of pizza that. You know. Cheeseburger on the wash it down with ice cold. Now I'm meeting and a fast food restaurant I'm getting a soft drink. OK another lots of common arrest sit down restaurant I'm drinking water Whitman Mayo. Well if you like to order your cheeseburger with a dyke show you wanna pay attention a new study reveals that people who drink diet beverages get more of their daily caloric intake from junk foods there. Likely canceling out the benefits of their low calorie drinks they probably just rationalize it in their minds let's send it away with that but still I break that whole thing up because I just get all my caloric intake from junk fees for the and that's that your. And it's as well once and all my wife will cook something else then that's about the only time I eat healthy OK but that you write down what they do they think OK well I'm drinking this diet so now. So I can go hand in the justified by eating more. I don't accuse them ride them am I say calories you know there's like perhaps more of only a few calories with boos notice when there's a Lotta Lotta sugar and sentenced carbohydrate content that sooner or otherwise especially as the let me just tell you how many calories and doctor pepper 150 plus of snow line now then let's have a big cars. The car side also realistic here. Is. Forty grams a card mind that a lot. Yes I'm it would try to stay in less than twenty day will they also say can be that there are lower caloric drink. Intake leaves them feeling lasts. Full. Yeah and so the one more food to balance out. You don't saying hello because they're drinking like a water or diet that you don't feel full so than the Maury guys that's what they're saying in this study I don't know about that because I drink regular sodas and they don't make me feel that full either with the carbonation in east having it make you feel awful awful long. It doesn't take long to get that full feeling yeah. It's fun when you kids started drinking sodas do you notice I remember that my kids are two and three you know zones are yeah. I don't know that they've had a bottle it and I think yeah. Or a concrete is yeah. There's so get used to it their birth and at the storm and when those first few episode could you imagine what's great you don't have this experienced talk is when your daughter first let's attic get now that's. That's a special moment and a lot of the girl right tiger at the one thing when you sign knowing your daughter let's long. Yeah. Ground and it.