Monday, August 6th

Do you love eating at buffet restaurants?  Do you have complaints?  Some people do, listen up and find out what they're complaining about..

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The other day we called time out because that he borrowed some songs from the book they here and accompany lunch we hand. And he use them as a utensils. Okay may he's confining force I still know what was calling out about it. Okay well I did some research on this. I have the pet peeves people have it salad bars and buffet lines OK it's not having enough forks one of them. With a yeah I ia mountain. OK so they say if you see someone doing something at a buffet line. That you disagree well it depends again on what it is most people said no they won't call the person now. Well it's a child I would do it I don't stick your fingers and addressing that is not a good idea don't stick your finger in the putting. Yeah. I would product child or an adult who is doing some growth and death. I don't know but called the amount but now it is certainly tell us server someone saying hey that he had his finger in the ranch dressing one. I don't like is what sometimes they go to foot truckers and they'll use the tongs is there for the lead us and now give their grimy hands on and in no way the taunts back on top of the way. Yes. But I you're picky kid god the bad thing is you tell the server that the kid put his finger in there in the servers like that's our right I did is. I'll put that out there guys on my part still will here's some of main complaints they say taking too long to decide what you want on the yeah usually have an idea before you get there or you should stand back and look at over before you look for it's almost like there's an etiquette can stand back and surveyed the birthday and then I mean inning go for the attack once you've decided what you want don't hold everyone up why you go while out of cash to get this or that both look really good and you know. How to stop which one do you think actually ga oh boy it's so helpful book I'm right Obama elderly couple anyone's. House MacKey they do good idea and just get one and everything right now that's perfectly okay area along the Giroux moved. Okay. Using fingers to get anything like olives tomatoes. You. Me. Forget the time I was at a a someone's home and that was set up but they stop for a big birthday and barbecue in the man in front of me took his nasty hands. No he picked through the barbecue big big can of barbecued pig to put it on his plate oh I would have a partisan act and I'm like I'm behind him going OK am watching rays putting his hands because I take the tongs. And I get my barbecue out where he did not and I told the host and she just laughs and that's how he got. Not nearly all of them now yeah. News is back home and I anyway I was there today I was there and watch and why not go hey everybody here you really put your hand it's interesting situation because you're all friends you're sitting around and you think are standing row and you're thinking. They should know better but he adds it's almost like you don't wanna Rock the Vote yeah what you do OK if you need to be passive aggressive here's Tom Steele boy. Deal around in front of them and get something in front of their own but first put your finger in your nose or your year and didn't reach inning grab it around that makes you a better cartel then they're gonna feel like oh my god that's gross it won't take it to them they think its you I don't know hammer and tongs is probably what I would do that next time eulogy days just take your hand and just cut some potato salad and exactly exactly but it on your play put it on bears coach. I think that last year some potato salad. Well you're making me mad right. Dropping dressing all over others that they are getting in the book for a line. That's an accident. And you know make an unclean sloppiness pay attention okay let's build the bacon bits that drive you crazy by any have a job I used to work salad bar and ice have to clean up after minority people you know you're there he gave Petit I now clean and does not nasty people that sloppy most salad bar are built like their sloppy anyway because the people are sloppy. Get on the court but justice respect you could I worked at a restaurant and had a buffet line kids you drive you crazy because just all the time just told you I did. I'm nobody had a quip apparently only yeah because that's the thing Jeremy could it. And ten sides on the salad bar people reach an all in on your side Ingraham and things that's I think that people. That's rob blame the restaurant you must have the same exact item on each side of the bar up. How are just happy alongside open curtail the people how to do it today and are pros at all kid. It's the other powerful so they're complaining because they begged the tomatoes aren't that side well you should not tomatoes on this side to people would complain about being rumored that Hillary is this kind of funny when you have that's for everything it wants a lifeguard sits on top of the you know. It's those people and we can't. This guy not a whole top just standing at the end embargo on the smooth thick as smooth clean up. If there are two sides gallon I'm gonna reach across Poland now you look at. It. A solidarity and again and land and at their friends and in front of everybody counts and their friends but in mind and I doubt he sounded anything since I didn't hear the man was taken that meet with its in its. I didn't say exactly that's why it happens. Originally due garlic column out you. Actually I handed out educate us out and slap it on their play each year.