Thursday, February 8th

Have you ever thought what would be the best job in the world?  How about a job where you don't have to get it right, most of the time, plus you make good money?  Tom has all the info, listen and find out if you want to make a career change.

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Have you ever given any thought to what you think might be the best job in the world. You might think we have one of the best jobs in the well good we get to sit and listen to great music and then talked in the have finding goof around on the radio it rate each other then go home at 10 o'clock every day yeah. But. I think there's a job it's even better than ours doing a job where you don't have to get it right most of the time. And the job where you typically make pretty good money everyone knows who you are you're famous and well lie. And that job of courses being a weatherman. Al-Qaeda. Yeah now I was surprised to find out that only 1% of people think it would be cool to be a weather person. Yeah today is weather man's day isn't really should be whether persons day I carry I'm sure they're changing that they're taking out all of the weather men that statues including a weather person stats use the term and that's tomorrow it's weather man's day here. Maybe it's become I don't know yeah. I don't have to give rise to 5050 Chia. Aaron have you ever had my feet probability could be yeah she's. I think it's today it is good it for a second there was start nor race. Armed but they said only 6% of people said it was a glamorous job I don't know if it's glamorous or not that is certainly a job where you're very well known. It's something that I is stress out about every day here on our show because none of us are actually weather men so Kato goes on line and it looks at several different weather reports and he tries to find the ones that. All seem to get along and agree the most yeah sounds good so he he looks at all the different forecast things like well three of them agree the other two don't so I'm going with the three that we tried very hard. To get it right yeah I'd do you. I mean do you wanna keep that lie because I thought that was true actually longer after all that you can Jonas. I just coming out it looks like it mostly cloudy today and I just write about this explains a lot I had I thought that we went through and that we looked at several weather reports and picked out the most reliable ones like it you got your opera now now I just may get up late in the ice in EG that before that I eased its senior doppler. I gotta say that adds a lot more stress to my day now because I've always thought that we had this plan in effect that was at least giving it the best shot possible. And so I actually pay attention during the day to see if we did in fact you do it right because I imagine. That all through the day our listeners are going throughout their business and if it doesn't turn out the way we said it did then they're probably think and Hawkins Tom steered me wrong. Now we know it was actually Kato this you're wrong. It's a prediction Nina basically don't know what is going to. You honey Tom it's like you or at least you're carrying that weight. On your guest every day Tom and like. It would be in the afternoon and we do get the rough weather wrong Gil takes me like man we got the weather wrong again yeah right about that throughout the day on now I know why we're getting their wrong I thought we had this plan. Most of us look outside ago I'll. It's you know supposed to be certain temperature and it looks like it's going to be okay I'll make it home from work. Just say that most people turn to the weatherman is whether most stressed that people in the commodity OK so you think and that where trust new people are trusting well I thought they word now I doubt it is time opinion though I'm thinking if we say it can be partly cloudy okay Greg later on the afternoon. It's starts to rain a little bit on people aren't they can. Marian Hawkins Tom and I let me down a game and they are just like I forgot my umbrella he should tell me as boomerang. One person's thinking that yeah I know I'm I think I think you guys are just. Not doing the job very well if you think that is the most time weather's just guessing here I really I does give you a perfect example of how to keep it from being aghast if you go and look at all the forecasts and you take the ones that agree you've got a good chance that the era I think it's ever changing. I'm where he's averaging well that kid and that's why they give Hindu forecast every day. But weekend in bed if it changes it now with the starts right in the later on today 1 o'clock well if it buys did and they got it wrong hawk that's getting it wrong. Your point in all of this well my point was his idea about the way that I thought we had a good system here to try to get. No wonder I did wrong all these times so I really loves good weatherman ha no you're not I make it up like the rest them. You can at least make it up and agree with the people the most people made. John assessor its interest justice listen in on listen I her and then everybody. If Taylor hasn't had as big a doppler is as John did. Then maybe that is true yeah. Thousand times it is using I don't I hear other AMD you have to learn envy. Us. I mean do now and I'm depressed thanks timing. On the depressed today is still recently they way things.