Monday, June 11th

How long have you had your best friend?  If you met them early in life, that's a good thing.  Listen and find out why..

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I what you think about your best friend for just a moment and ride and he got him in mind right now I'm like in any right now Tom where. You. Are desperate. My best friend I don't believe you for a second you know you really. Sincerely yeah I mean you would be one of this friends I don't think I'm your best. I. I'll clean air are really down I think there's other people that you consider your best let's find out Tom do you play poker with him no. Heavy duty to his house recently though. Editors together no I've had food together recently you know yes restaurants Coco I mean not a restaurants that we eaten heroes it's we are best for me. I. I am right now. Well thanks now. And I know you we always argued this because the only one this announced for an act who desperate subject but I can only have one best friend your right. Saying I have a dialogue desperate and you can have a close friend but there's only one best because the word best means. Again the top one categorized differently OK so I'm not really your best friend and just when you're close friends yes I am well they say that most people's best friend. Came to them early in life and yet and it's very hard to make the best friend as an adults. Degree now all. If you use my technical term I have to say my best friend Sean Tucker and that was a friend when I was a kid yet. We net effect these this is an example for my daughter who didn't get something she wanted to exit you know. Whenever I was a kid that I wanted to be in the major leagues whenever I was going for Little League Baseball. I. I think so and I got cut from the Major League team to the minor league team in the Italy. And I was I was sobbing crying because I thought when it it's so bad. That's what a mess on talker on the minor league team some of the best things in my life came to me whenever I got didn't get something one. A teller my daughter that torch to nab the turtle like that what you can have Sean Tucker it's her. I'm wrong but. I think that's a lesson that was good for me and it's good shared her now. But they also thought about Steve let he who is one of my best. Friends that I meant as an adults and I guess technically speaking and if I had to pick between 20 shines my best friend is Steve is right there next to them but I did make a very. Very close friend as an adults. But it's not is it easier to carry your friend along with the threat line. And they say that. For guys it's it's lot harder to me references as adults who care yeah Whitman maybe better at a and guys are. Lot of people say they don't have a best friends all my hand in hand and surprise and no one columns will be back. So hawking your doing that Iran can't be their best friends. Well I guess we can be their best for but they're not are asked for a ride and act that spots already taken. And they say only 11% of people have met their best friend after they were finished with high school or college. That most of us make our best friends either in high school or college or before. 24% of us that are best friend an elementary school now. Eighteen in middle school 44% high school and 16% in college and almost 10% that in preschool. Wow yeah now I'll remember like you know there's certain grades. That passed the eighth grade I don't remember to me. I'm not sure you mean by that one back or earlier I see say I think after eighth grade that was high school you spent six years there you should have a lot for a I always have one friend and from second grade. And remembers me really. Because I remember a lot of the kids back in the third grade fourth grade MM start remembering names. It kinda. Yet and that day against a grave was GO. Jeff that doesn't count pennies Taylor. He you desperate. Ha ha ha ha I'm a member of from second grade he sees that they're going I remember some guy named hawks and hawk haze there. Com Heidi where did you meet your best friend. I was thinking that it was going to be college Newton. I traveled a lot with my data in the service so we didn't stick around too long in one place early. So it was college and after Reece you know in the last. 56 years and I attic and I SA you break the rules there adult who's your new best friends. If you could best for what she had I was so yes. Why not I'll I'll ask you certain wanted to serve Apple's I don't and a. Yeah and right. It's shocking to you what Heidi talks about her best friend and we have no idea who that is I don't know who he is Heidi you're so secretive. Some insight we don't even know your best friend NN I only if we Manhattan her. Probably not. We entered I keep you guys away from my real life because you're crazy not say things about me in Iowa anyway and Meyer in my room you know personal life that sit around and Toms does Fran okay those best friend's name. I yeah as this address him. I have a botched it I do have more than a month left and because I can call on any of them for anything in but there's one other view like a little wars in the arrest. You know I don't know that's odd because I enjoy hanging out of all of them amber and April. Yeah and there's and as bug free any for any. Delay in Japan France two girls in math and well yeah and nick and well ahead or wrap this up with this an important message is Ron. I mean yeah drop your apples and who gave you the trouble is real and I would follow me out here. I was once governor the apple funeral. You know if they have a couple times in Canada and concluded that it.