Wednesday, January 31st

Tom was excited to see the "Best Foods for a Person to Eat"....  Why?  Because some of his favorite foods are on the list..  Listen up, and find out if what you're eating is on the list..


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Well I saw an article that I normally wouldn't talk about here on the show but I was so excited about part of it. It was a listing of some of the hundred best foods for a purse and he eats. No that's not something you would expect me to bring up but I was so excited when I saw this list. Well I'm suggesting note did you meet our on this list that is where you're wrong no way. I'm we'd be. We wouldn't let me decide what should be on our best to blitzer is best for you this is by Sy asks. Sure yeah this aren't I funny I almost was number one on the list you know why that doesn't count because they say bombings with no salt on arrested ranked at all Deion wrong on Panama and this set on into the stop eating moments because I was cracking 94 they didn't say anything about salt they just said they are rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and they promote cardiovascular. Health and may even help with diabetes. Maybe you'll give me an almond joy I can. Next on the list is suffering I've never heard and I don't know why I haven't heard of it because it sounds awesome Mark Twain the old writer Rick I wrote Tom saw higher today he said it is the most enjoyable fruit ever eaten by a man known to man. It's called a Chara Malloy Ivan Mike is said never heard of it but it is a fleshy fruit with a white Paul and it said that tastes like. Pineapple. Broken that bananas and strawberries and pineapple. It's fruit we didn't expect you'd know what it is okay and get this it has lots of bomb vitamins a CB lined BTU am potassium okay. Is that the fruit section of the restored here no upstate nog didn't find it anywhere but I wanna try it now because Mark Twain says the best route ever and it's good Soria Carolina. Yes it sounds like like it here RA salutes. Jeremiah. Our minds are right up she. Our eyes that I about got almost got ID seven on the nutritional scale and Sara Moyer got a 96 ocean perch Atlantic. Ocean perch got an 89. I hate doesn't have too much of the Mercury and it and it has lots of protein is low in saturated fat and it's meant to be. You've never heard of perch. Yeah I heard of cat page in game this moment by and large now are you price hadn't heard this either but flounder. Also a good. Food it's got an 88 score again and Scott lots of B one of these are fried fish right. Why wouldn't it does say anything about how you top airline here you prepare how you want a good to have fish steaks. That's kind all right my wife would like this Chia seeds all you know news is that right yeah yeah it's you get she appliance then you know the Italian hit your ride actually is a black seas plant those seeds and in producing have cheated. OK number six is pumpkin seeds are. They saw. Number seven is set and I don't know it Swiss chard it looks like some kind of leafy greens are right then here's why got excited to line number eight on the list with a nutritional score 73. And pork fat. Mike port crying pork. That a good source that can leave vitamins and minerals pork that is more unsaturated and healthier than lamb or beef fat. So is that like the ban on the bag and I think that's bacon Dade. India that is bacon pork fat how about pork belly okay so the barbecue. Weren't for fat is good for you this is the best scientific study I've ever seen and guess not so in proportion mind you know and here he just a little bit it doesn't say that on here are it just says it's a good source that B vitamins and minerals and it's more help the united saturated then Lambert be fat and and back and -- you get beat Marines and snapper that's another fish rounds out the top ten him him. So I mean pork that's in the top ten most healthy foods. The self injury and there it is theories you got cabbage in lots of fish and scallops and grape fruits and stuff like that chili powder. But pork fat I can't eat bacon without feeling that got my top and ate healthy all of a half. When you consider process beacon involvement chemicals and solved he can't count that yes you can hike on this is one way he can help you kindly. And you going get that. Hill a. I did OK this is a are gonna post this because this is a legitimate list of the best values for person what Joba keys and barbecue place track gave it a dream is the color of being barbecue. And Sarah Boyd yeah about her AQ. To work. It's we should make like the world's healthiest place them all as chair Moet ask them pork fat charge. Now. Perched. Yeah yeah. Your boy. Generally. We're back again.