Friday, March 9th

We've all had those "Awkward Moments" in life, right?  But at times those moments can be bad....Tom has a bad awkward moment that happened to a celebrity..


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We have a lot of awkward moments here on the hawk and Tom show on and usually they're funny. Because we will hang each other out it is dry we don't supporting each other at all and like each other when someone says sub that Iran where just like go look at that they must be in there really awkward moment right now hop hop. And it makes for a laugh for you in the morning. But sometimes those awkward moments can be really bad in real life. Then insert the blush. Heart beat. Think of the last awkward moment you had to spin around here and photo we just establish those are for fun talk I don't how they can and in the real world out and about because. I just read an interesting story about a celebrity had a very awkward moments with their awkward now Willis hear yours first Heidi it seemed like you had one. Is a field is like haven't something in your teeth like a big green peas and lettuce or spinach and you're talking to a really cute somebody. And you feel pretty good about yourself you know yeah confidant. And yet my car and you agree you mean like and no I went to the bathroom at the party. Someone colonial now know no one day and don't tell me anything. Yeah when a letter to a story did you apparently don't know enough. Thank you know I'll have a duty I don't know how I guess at this marketplace is one of those awkward over. I'm so. Mad at myself when I went to that after militant and Aaron I'm like I did not honestly it it would have to be soap opera star and just. Big green thing MIT illegal while he's really pay a lot of and to me I think he's focused on my fate is surprised I didn't realize that is a good spit it chain out of my mouth that's what you get creep not a vegetable. And. You know and another story about somebody here on the show. I might get a ride but it deals with the celebrity a bit awkward moment I we were able McCain's house. And Tom stopped up at all. What's the awkward moment part. Because because I haven't Valdez has stopped at all and I can stop the party. It hit it it was Tom built what an awkward for me because I lied if you remember it I say it wasn't me and I I've blade one of the bands that was there. Was it not soccer when he found out the truth though without again there too later it was very I thought. Iowa John scene I had an awkward moments and you know he does a lot of make a wish foundation. Things you'll go to the hospital these kids their wishes to meet one of these wrestling superstars. And so he weighs in with some of the kids at the bomb. Manhattan pediatric hospital several children and their parents were gathered for the much anticipated meeting with united Sina. And at one point there was an eleven year old boy Timothy green. John Xena put his hand in front of the states and waved it fair. Fast sneeze like you are so fast you can't even see me can't. Turns out Timothy has an optic nerve this order and his lines. And someone whispered to John that anything that he's actually line that can't see them do. John scene at this point turn pale whites. And he started to kind of stumble and stammer that'll as he tried to recover from that and later on I think you did you know. Make good with the whole thing but that had to be that very awkward moment as he realized that my guy said the wrong thing there now. I know that a pound of spinach in my teeth then that. Yeah. It about it that said he didn't mind that volleys that he wasn't a John seen if any any way I can't see how hot I. So he gets there. That would be an awkward moments and awkward moment when I don't want the net and oh yeah its hands that was me years yeah he has talked found out that Diana Watson had two ways and he says when your way to grow and he said are they identical. And a half. Diane it was like hawks let me talk to. Yeah I think it was more her awkward moment that was that alone installation. Where you have you learned a lot about birds and he does it it's and in there when their god it was coming in our studio and you kept calling on the wrong I don't know I was calling and he image reduced. Odds with the wrong name so we were all caught in the rolling you know we already talked but that week nine out but if you don't have differing toilets and awkward moments and does opera for us from Austin and Michael he has really I think he's a look at Korea awkward moments in this one numbers I updates and then yeah a lot of awkward moment. You don't though it would become about me it's. That's like the little kid who does bad things the attention because it's better than not getting the kids at all. OK a unit one audience wanted them and you know he's fallen all the time. That are you look at that point I think. Kinda awkward right. Or if you want to. Oh only one that thought occurred and I think for but. Yes there.