Monday, April 23rd

Do you have a sexy job?  Find could help your dating life..


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A dating website recently checked to see you which professions women seem to like more whatever they were looking for a man and today there is one that overlaps for men and for women and security guess which one was for men and women entrepreneurs more. K law here. An owner's okay how are you are wrong Heidi you are correct on. Nor was sexier for men and women OK so if it's on put down that they were not for nor on this dating website that was more likely to get then swiped right then left. With data though on man it's like and there aren't in or you don't really know what they're not from Europe. Well a lot of times they'll tell you they may have started a new restaurants or new business. Are their bloggers or consultant thought a U and kanga. Now well we're not makes this really good because you can just put it down for almost any tour yet 1 I'm I am an entrepreneur and yeah hello business that he started aisle at jocular I don't know weekends seemed an excellent opening minutes that I had got united in buying them. It hit OK here are the nail one that's can be announcement though at the Jockey Club like all right up pilot is as sexy job usher so if you're a pilot first law I think a lot of times people think that's a good paying profession. And there is something I think attractive about a man or woman. That is taking an airplane and flying it that's just a skill that's very sexy he had in control. But if you look long term on that you don't seem as much at home because he's flying all over the United States. He's well he's not asking for directions. Not. I kept alive if one guy you guys get married why certain regions on the fly certain times off and then they get at that time home. Who had their home a lot August just that when they're not home there was their flight attendant girlfriend and that's the problem wrong. Okay. Entrepreneur was next on the list than firefighter. Women find firefighters attractive we talked about this little bit the other day India and firefighters I think most women a match in that firefighter calendar that they put out half and the guys all looks those sexy yeah so attractive and they got six pack apps and they don't know about my friend Steve that's got a keg halves. And he plays basketball once a month than most the time he sits around a watch TV. Now OK so they're not all in shape as a different fire station when I'm thinking. Hobbies fire station caller's get in the office she is circle mr. may mr. June and also mr. October and November and mr. may and mr. may not. Probably died. Okay the next step is doctor or the ladies think that doctors more attractive again I have to think money is involved here. Germany's have a doctor's deal wealthy but he's also in control operate non somebody's got their lives in there and them on his hands a CA and he's generally minor commissioner the Phillies and look at my idea Brock colleges and with the gotten a policy hands then but OK and I think it'd. The different levels of a navy does physicals what's he got in the palm of his hand and then go there and turn your head off stage about like there's certain doctors like a brain surgeons probably more attractive entity. Podiatrist. Okay. I'll buy that you think is it moved to the actress if he he works such media if Europe had died trustees put doctor. I don't put brain surgeon or you don't put yours was specific profession and you say doctor. Exactly who is not a sexy because there's different levels of sixty doctors on the sexy doctor Lewis and I've got that in my briefcase yeah. I hope that next. Finally got out of five. Prepare yourself hard line. TV or radio personality on all now with a little ladies. I've I'm not taken into account that if we were single well you know I was the self proclaimed most eligible bachelor's in Greenville for many years before I got married usher and Kato is available distillate you know I'm tired today that. Okay good he's not available tonight yeah regular red yeah. I wonder why wasn't the same for women. That men didn't consider that city. Attracting and I don't have that information but I will say that Kato is not only are radio announcer but also an entrepreneur design so I guess it was these things I have blog today yesterday. Must all my own business right there he is very tired because he's been working on his entrepreneurship. Yeses. Radio announcer ladies. Hi I think that's what makes this a sexy new music journalist I just did. That it never mind. Good draw your let's do this to a head at that at yeah.