Monday, March 12th

If you're stressed, it could be your friend's fault.  Listen and find out why..


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I want you to think for just a moment about that friend of yours that always stressed how outs. You now every time you're around them it just seems like everything that's happening is stressful. And do you ever start to feel stressed out too when you're around on the path that that. Really really hard because I I think if you is being stressed out friends. Everything you do is stressful. And it translates over. This is when we first started working together a lot of people didn't think we would make it a year and a hawk and I are very different and it was a very interesting challenge for us to be able to work together me and one of the things that is tough for me is that hawks stresses me out. A great example none of you knew this but it just a moment ago in the song was plan. Talk waited until the last possible second to change his mind about them than any jumped up and switched to song around and put a different thing in any terribly dated in time. And I was sitting over here cringing the whole time and stress as he had manufactured the stressful moment. Just a patent. Didn't stressed me that I. That event it it rubs off on me what he's doing his job that he's not in the air and John are you guys had that thing ready and the earlier you know that is just I just forgot something rye so you know might be slightly panicked their first it was panic for a second but you know what. I would say I'm the most stressful. Personality on the Xia. Really soon. Grill and who has the most stressful. Posits the monster. That's not. Good second place. But I know his first look at. I'm gonna that's insane data you don't have to stand no appeal ought to be mad yeah go ahead and get away from the station. I would say I'm probably very laid back. Ott and people tell me almost beat on the hang out with them like they are only for mark yeah like more yeah away from mark. Tom. You do even actually conversational pleasant. You get stressed about FaceBook post that someone's name. Like you just go on for about ten minutes about. With some gun control thing and I'm like greatly go back nine minutes wait are you are seeing on the line you're pretty. Didn't say that yet out looking at this thing and I'm so shocked well between the two and you. It's it can be very stressful it's one hiding I drink during nation know he's an. In Tom. Because sometimes we can just put it we can admit that in the bud real quick before they start and about you and you and clock and Tom I've communal area and dairy. Sure. But he just. And finish it suits me and stressed and yeah. I. When Heidi orders at a restaurant that's where she's. I'm so we all let's stop blame thrown out of the that's not my purpose of this at all you liberal defensive real fast my point was just to say that that stress does rub off on your co worker and it bleeds over to your friends listening to use this Morton so sorry I don't think anyone has stressed out about this -- -- you don't know here's what's so funny is you wanna make a point in the first of all you don't wanna say you know I'll probably strip some people occasionally you wanna -- point your finger somebody I didn't know I made people stressed. Start. But I did have a great example of you're just doing it so I follow that was kind of actually funny because talking just did this -- -- that is an example I can so that was my example and I was gonna talk about the study and how it was like they did it with these rats and that this stuff distress and now but now I just she's stressed out that -- from him now and it's contagious and is not contagious illness that was the study said. Is based on the market to onkyo and everybody has outlined co worker or friend but even that they go with that phone rings and we have more than one out. Yeah this stress me out right now hawk. OK let's all of these stress to get a hard to music music music.