Wednesday, June 13th

Hawk has things that positive people do...listen and find out if you're really a postive person.  BTW, Tom is not..

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Think when he some positive be on the show this morning let's find out if you're positive. I have things positive people do differently he had a smile that I. Felt I hear your voice com. OK see if you're positive and Britain. Positive people they find something every day to look forward to him. Give me favorite TV show might be dessert recipe. Could be phone conversation with a no friend. A meal. Okay that that the ends OK let's but I didn't and it doesn't have to be BA they also celebrate the small stuff the tiny thing you might be favorites that you just her a text from a friend maybe a beautiful sunny day or a beautiful rainy day if you like. Rainy days those aren't enough of a great thing for me to look forward to these serious plane hit a 380 to start. He just teaching until the changed his full. Better the envelope that. Come home that may how to get things cause of people do differently they're kind. Hello hello wolf when in doubt cheers kindness and dispute with a smile does not someone's face. Giving as generous but it also makes the giver feel even better. And that's a win win right on. Kind person you guys act like I'm not but I really am I would say your kind personable and he gives a lot of gifts. I'm a very generous person and I'm a polite person when I'm out in about like council and needs the line and usually like go ahead or hear out. You know help you with that tank engine and a Tunisian genuinely good person I didn't say I was a good person does that kinda. I could difference yes I can't. Okay. Stay busy they say being busy means feeling a line with fulfilling activities. And a lot of people acute that it is a negative like got the kids off I got the go big grocery shop and I've got to do all this be a good thing you can do all. There you go out like that. But you don't do that anomalies yet he's going home to what some TV here you are on the part of my shares. First things that make up your life why you're doing every day is your lot but it's so hard to get over the hump. I don't wanna do many things instead of doing it honestly yeah about it you know you're sitting there your house saying year. In active and it takes a certain amount of effort to get past that momentum of not moving and it doesn't sound like fun to do most of those things. A hot friends call hey come cook out in my town I have to leave my house had to get up she's all I know right what if I do go to and that having a great Tom and more positive person after I leave. Okay thank you. And a positive this this morning I was. If you're positive person or not. And these are things positive people bit differently they accept responsibility for their actions and being positive doesn't mean being delusional they say about owning up to you know where you make mistakes. And you have regrets everybody's main mistakes in my hands regrets learn from them forgive yourself and then it'll make it easier on you. Most people I know that are positive are delusional and don't accept responsibility. That's how they're so positive is there like everything seems great to them because they'll see all the problems that they ask someone very negative looking at a situation. And that's not how I often look what happened. I'm so not to judge people today of that's. If you stop piling on Tom he's done the best he can't listen to his voice. He becomes unhappy when he complained of about how when he sees how other people are living we are trying to do a positive information can break here you can so negatives so yeah. Paul okay he's mean to me down. Right day forget. Sale spas that people do no one's perfect everybody makes mistakes. And so you know go and forgive yourself. However we have to think give other people are just ourselves and all you need for you about the they wanna hold resentment because that's gonna make you feel but you know worse faster and then finally they say resist comparisons. And everybody's different being positive is easier when you don't say yourself against others. And we all. Have a separate strengths and struggles through life so unique and you start and he entities do on face he's the is someone's video positive posters up and and how great their life is in their new vote their new house and there and in. Babies are laugh. You know I'm mistaken though one must see post like that that doesn't bother me as much as the ones that poor me I had this gone wrong with a guy I never liked Payne and I. Our run ever around pat and I don't pass. Those are the ones that. At a cost that they can take they'd bring me down. Well I'll just got brought down more. Polls. I don't know why exactly Owens probably knocking me out episode. That's for you to album this is meant to be a positive information break that everybody can take the word minority daycare today about the letter. I can help you out a little bit I think you guys are worried about something you should worry about it because I actually enjoyed being negative. Itself it's. Yeah obviously when.