Friday, February 9th

Too many couples do the same thing every year on Valentine's Day and this leads them to be dissatisfied and bored.  What do you need to do different?  Listen up, Tom will tell you what you need to do..


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Apparently it's a good thing that Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day are so close together. Because they say a lot of couples spend Valentine's Day just like Groundhog Day. Doing the same thing over and over every single year adjustments are looking at their shadow but his. I just lets you know Heidi did see her find a collection. Ground today and it well they say it has. Aren't too many couples do the same thing saying every single year 80% of couples will still be celebrating it but 53%. Of them do the very same thing year after year and a and this leads to then being dissatisfied and board way that. So what do you do to change up Valentine's Day what is the lady looked in for Heidi. Something different decides to concern or for a time together that's right have no go bowling go do something physical you know but you almost nailed it they say inexperience. That most women would like to have an experience. Most women say they can even predict big gift their partner will get them for Valentine's Day from. But sharing an experience would their partner is the key to having the perfect Valentine's Day. Manicure pedicure together. Okay that's not a horrible suggestion I like I don't know I haven't always otherwise today. I was asked to never return because of my fingernails are so bad and your tone it down hill feel pretty bad to him and you know an electrical. The you know journal driller at Colorado feet I. I bad unnamed. It's a pity to hear more like a couple's massage a bit and not an experience is that he has this. Absolutely I was singing more exciting experiences like Bo. I've how does your Valentine's Day is awesome Dave and buster's. Art cooking class together gallons on to have you read this article now to that was on there cooking class together was one of them irony. They said that. Cultural attractions. Escape room might be something in this Solon might try and a concert was also suggested. Yeah dance lessons. Five not to mostly men. But anything that's out of the ordinary that no woman would probably lie can you probably wouldn't is the perfect answer. So the front edge and the way they did this is just think how would I released. Like to spend Valentine's Day and did invite your wife to do that William that I did little again spellings did you have to enjoy it too you're gonna. Heidi was telling you I don't care about that if you cared about that you would never make has taken dance and lack ever just you know even before you ask the question. And then we should take some Cha Cha dance lessons passed you know exactly what he's thinking he's like alone there are some guys it's not like today some but it's very rare like 10% of the guys most of us would rather poke ice picks in our ears than go to dance classes and and in that role than you would never have to hearsay your take dance classes again they offer class for them though when they start. Well. And why I'm single game and I know I you're talking about the ice picks up. Hot hot hot. They did mention the massage is Bob package as well. How about going to play like a clay cafe thing and and making a play together. You know what I did dead not long ago with the kids out there and it's the one. Economically things on my back east west. I did I decided to do something this year than usual for my Mother's Day gift okay you know how little kids they do their hand print right on and they put all my god this is a family show yes hello I'll but the kids the you know do the hand France on a plate or something they'll write their name on it. I did that for mom mom. Low while you know you're married don't teller I used. Different for your life now now now my album my mom. Was it is gonna get me. Big play with my hand print on and that my name in the year. Well I'll say this don't celebrate the way hawked celebrates Valentine's Day that's a usual leaving Armenia where your associate press and your significant other awesome album on the idea and yet though we're not. And but then. One last thing I thought of Heidi is those places where you go to paint and get drunk. I was called. Get on places that that's where I Pablo Picasso right. You paint like that Pablo took got Ellis Island or you get drunk exactly and mr. Is not supposed to be like an abstract art painted it turns out that way after the Iowa supposed to be like of a pot of flowers. Yes it does not look like that one time he's done content. But when you leave you think well gosh George is good to Baja. As good. Are all good as they should do more at is there should be like had a singing classes and line and you feel like we sounding good day. Karaoke bars or or the piano bars. And then I guess you could have like what else would be where you drink and you think you're better than Mueller. No I don't know but I have friends that love to shop at La luz grocery store because you can drink and shop. Yeah they shop everyday now yeah they get credit card bills one by the agony bring anything home. I'm. Grocery shop out of her Valentine's Day as the group called hawk. I think places he could go and bake cakes and stuff to together. Can you wind seems every account why I'm K so things yeah millions is this year and why.