Monday, June 11th

Do you consider yourself a hero?  Well, it seems there are three different types of heros, and Hawk has all the info..  Be a hero and listen to this latest podcast..

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Do you see yourself as a brave person. Yes I think so they've done some research on this is not a lot on this subject but some people run into a fire to save others while others run away. I think I'm a brave person I definitely used to be a brave person but I don't know if now maybe I've encountered in my limitations. And I might be a little more chicken. Thank you. Mean like. Somebody's rude to someone else you approach that person column our dogs think this is more cell run into hot house and say in some cat. OK I definitely would not saying that and we thought or person may be today. And ever approaching every person on and operates a story. My wife almost got me in a fight once scientists on store gas pump on like don't mess with him these pictures and I. Well a mile. You know for me sometimes and realize you hear something in and Michael was. I don't know why don't you go to a account brave that way OK so you'll get one naked the only chance I get neck and I grab my shy guy and and go through the house some brave okay well they say is three types of heroes right the situationally hero. Someone who risk their lives for others in a moment of crisis but it hasn't done anything like that in the past. Today the lifelong hero. And did it just defines the person's locked on Tuesday you know all of them right they're looking for a way to be here and beat someone like Batman and Superman. Think in more of those people you see that just constantly finding ways to save people OK and then. Is that like when you know you're all the girls try to save your relationship and or bills ratifying or feature go with someone else now. It's like okay analysts say this privileged. I know someone is just perfect for him or her nothing like that the 911. Hero. This is the person's professional life is you know like a police officer firefighter EMT workers military personnel they're trained for it. Yeah they're trained for that kind of says yeah but aren't they built that way or do they. Educate themselves to be electing their built that way but they also train themselves so that they can react exactly how they want to react it's okay. So Heidi Yemen says a lot he just fantasizing about your firefighter calendar that's up in the office with the guys in their spenders I support heroes. Absolutely. Not I'm thinking about them all the time and thanking them for their service I think she falls all the time. Yeah I. Try it out like Condo window and when the fire engine would go violent first and down there. They stop thinking it was funny Heidi is gone down. And hangs herself out when I used him more often. I think most of us hope where it's situationally era I would say it's the but we don't go looking for it but we'd like to think that if that moment happened we would spread to save someone. I think that I panic because I remember when my brother was very young just walking in we come out of a restaurant. And I he was walking behind me and all of sudden his truck only huge wheels pull lose the parking lot and could not see him. I turned around and I froze on my. I could say a word in this woman having a walk out of the restaurant and screamed. At the driver to stop yeah I got trouble for that. I'll see you watching him you know I panicked I. Think I would be one people with Pennington like you know just seeing. Some parts of the Walking Dead and you'll have some of those people are brave you see the zombies why analyst. I'd be running like a little girl you know. The clock would panic and not just panic they go to dramatic. Yeah. I could out run behind you be the first person for anybody walked in here with a guy and I would get a get behind you because of the biggest one in the room. And I carry again illustrated history so I'm going to be shooting back well braver people tend to grow up and families were moral teachings are valued. Right and they say that. The people bright people tend to have a mix of qualities like risk seeking generosity in empathy. That's me because. Yeah. I don't think so. But they say there may be is a hero Jean that you have maybe it's because of their levels of oxy toxin oxy Towson ought to Towson artsy toxin is probably some they shouldn't OK okay. And they don't know for sure that's something that is built in your DNA. And. I think as I've gotten older I've gotten Lester oh yeah because when I was like in my twenties and I was a lot more fit than I am now. I was more likely to feel like my body would support me when I sprung into action figure out. Now unlike my body ain't going as fast as I'd like for it to go because is carrying on an extra weight around and unlike. I couldn't get through that house and say that cat anyway. Plus I think in the back of your mind you've got your family and your kids and risking your life would be you detrimental to them. UCB and hero though Tom milling yes seemed like the situation care was describing you had died in front that. Truck truck to save a kid under maybe one of my kids monogram on scene very lifter alive. Well okay well all the logical. I did he opposed to say that your dog and a stranger were drowning which would you say I'm like the dog yeah dragged into it after. Stranger by the so when you don't you in line. So did really wrong. And we just and regular that don't. I sit back and bet on which one win first I'm not I'm.