Tuesday, December 5th

You could be doing something during the holidays, that's upsetting a lot of people.  Listen and find out if you need to change your ways....before you lose all your friends.


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Yeah ever wonder what's wrong with the UN why no one likes jail. Of course not yet no one ever thinks that it's always the other people's fault that Nolan likes you know. But there are some things you can do around the holidays that could be making people dislike you own it does something like like have a Fram and I'm not gonna name names of Jiang servers don't really care for her. You know she's picky about her soldiers. And Kelly does not see that that what kind of be that way David this is the holidays specific that would be all year round for her. She would need to seek help. I'll let her now. I can't believe it even suggests that servers like. Talking and say okay. Why we have an activist who give big joke around and it's not weird cheating I think I am well being not hard to get along with when it comes to order in my. Stuff on the side or no salt you smelt it dealt it. I added I. And I. Want that LaMont grades that make a mad to. Society thinks this is all about her apparently. America does not so what he's doing the holidays it's upsetting people say well you flaunt your holiday hall you know the couple that loves the shower each other with a extravagant presents like diamond bracelets Rolex Watches bow wrapped BMW's luxury cruises. Nothing says holiday loved them other than a maxed out credit card. Well usually those people rub it in your faces on FaceBook still and no one wants to see how much he's been on your significant other. Or your kids know Holland friend Jeanne don't brag about all that crap now wants to hear it and I don't care how much you love your boyfriend girlfriend. Okay that's all that's all yearlong prison today things are right to cheer cheer cheer cheer aggressors. These are the people they are like you simply must help us decorate the tree this year Merry Christmas come on over has CNN angered you this year up up up up on her and yet that I take it down and god let's not drive people crazy with it today. I anyway. I was just like that ship is all about Christmas okay envoy decorating and once again the holiday lies and in that says he's last night we. He's in L. Close dealers reindeer ears around us. OK you had a talk so I tell us mrs. rich would show. Yeah. And mrs. greens with little Christmas cheer Jewish museum me. Yeah it was a stretch. It. Here's one I admit I've done before your holiday PDA year. You go out to the find the mistletoe and every Pardee your groping by the gifts and fondling by the fireplace and making all the little elves blasts that's not cool at Christmas time of economic inaudible bill also Thompson's house. Document yesterday you have this is it's not cool whatever he would do under on the kids' Christmas okay all right the way too cute holiday card couple. Q is fine but it would be better if you send out something that was a little more fun and then cute. We don't need photos of view kissing underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris with a matching berets. Or at Disney World would matching you know buyers Mickey Mouse. Peterson and shirts and every yeah that's just not really necessary. Speaking of which wearing matching Christmas letters is specifically mentioned them doesn't have to be Disney of course. Also if you. Spin the holidays and couples all lame would we understand the holidays are special but. You need to get outside the bubble and go do stuff with the family to share those are things that will make people start to hate you around Christmas. So get rid of the matching Christmas letters and don't be making now by the Christmas tree line and I agree with. Which blind that's one part bodies OK. And ho ho ho and I'm. So.