Monday, July 16th

When animals are talking to each other, they wait milliseconds to respond.  How?  Hawk talks about it on this latest podcast..

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I'm intrigued by as many animal kingdom I like watching the Discovery Channel and some of those specials you know about planet earth and stuff like that. And see how these animals communicate with the each other animals may have more in common with humans then you might think you oaks day. I mean I think they have a lot in common with this memory Dave occasion mom has the birds and days you know conversation with well that was all I met. OK okay when we are talking a lot of times there's timing when we're talking we stopped talking someone else picks up and their seconds in between that usually. That birds they have their response time when they're communicating with the teacher okay. So for example like songbirds were found a way less than fifty milliseconds to replies and conversations that they have. That's over my wife can be that everything. A day that you'll hear birds go. It. Now you're talking the same time I was talking immediately the fifty milliseconds that it is supposed to play two different bird. However I can do day in the subtlety when that are fast. It's. Yeah. Okay they also found I guess with whales are found weighed about two seconds before exchanging clinics and other Sam's that they man. I heard that was that LA and when she makes the whale noises. They have to wait longer moves. From Coca backup when I got the correct timing I don't know which were with the male and female as I wasn't the correct time thing. Well okay humans were somewhere between typical paused about twenty milliseconds before they start a two way conversation. That's pretty tied at the birthers fifteen milliseconds and the whales in two seconds yes yes. So you know an odd times for me I was sitting home the other night and I heard like frogs conversing and McCain. He is saying. That it does that not kind of get on you there's a little bit and it is his opinion what are they saying each. The crickets are the ones that bothered me the most are probably gone I. Think that's what is probably for the frogs though it's like a water cooler. I. Her little war we know the frogs say howdy must know when you were drinking something. But that's what they say they're like. But block I IA is. Honor. And summer holds a seat my brother in law's name's Rick can we always feel that they're calling him because it sounds like ever. And. Are there many here one from afar. Black. One. I imagine that yeah we'll sit around and they're talking about us we're humans are stupid. It. Global life sentence for fraud and I. Watch this Hamas called Rick and create. And you know you get the ball and we implore you. See I think they may have gotten dike and each. 88. Love. Did you get out of her mouth kind of a bonus country to not. And translate what. And that's just hawk. It I was born in Hawaii you know look at how these animal noises sound the same to me and the whale in the fraud. Blue. Whales click while. Don't Wales cricket Shia and the city yeah how you talk. Still I'm sorry do you ever go Coleman a little bit embarrassed about what she did on the shelves. Now I'd isn't talking Manny. Can I do I go home and have a little embarrassed about what we do the shows and days and this is one of those days. And. We you know have a in this segment. At the.