Friday, January 6th

What career should you be considering if you're graduating college....or looking to quit your current job?  Listen and find out which ones you should consider..


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So what career should you be considering especially if you're going into college right now or if you're trying to steer your kids in the right direction or find a new job coming to the decade. And I highlighted it was these require a lot of education or at least experience. That's why I think it's Friday more so it is actually starting out right now. What's interesting about this CNN money in the is put this list out and they have a hundred different jobs that are you know out there that are up and coming jobs these are the ones that has some of the best. Outlooks not only for pay but also for job satisfaction in. The number of jobs available and common read all hundred of those to you now I'll look at it okay. Actually that's I've picked over some of the interestingly. We'll work our way your doctor your general practitioner doctors always going to be on this list. And that's why the you know your parents always said someone volume BC yes. Well and they also again always pay a lot of money to find out how to feel better doctors make about your general. Physician makes between 180 and 250000. A year statistically average you know pretty healthy that's a good job in the specialist today me along rye were not talk about specialists here that's your general practitioner but I'm seeing some stories about doctors being put out of business because of obamacare that's there's a lot of things on what healthcare right now and that was one of the reasons this actually we came in at number 73 on the grill and because of the job outlook in the fact that some of these regulatory changes could bring the salary down and make the job less available I heard those trump pierce coming. Yeah that's true and we don't know what's in Baghdad. From the Obama right this was an interest in coming in at about sixty was a nonprofit association director so you're in charge of a charitable organization and does not pay as well but between seventy and a 1101000. Dollars a year with the average. And they said one of the big things about that is the job satisfaction people they're doing good for other people they feel good about that. Another doctor job radiologist. Came in at 45 these are the people who take and look at the well they credentialed read the X rays and MRIs and scans. This pays between 30500000. Dollars a year that's radiologist. We're radiologist. It hate him right. That's why my wife's cat scan costs 3900 dollars I guess today. Dentist that 44. On average a 150 to 300000. Dollars a year take care your teeth. Brush him if he's got a folks on the ligament in the salon differently now yeah and you know that's a job that they're always gonna need to have people do and it's an important job if you're single online you know yesterday in his right there look and onions. You know I always investors usually get a little bit ladies. Okay try to talk quite got that step in your mouth. And I don't like why I not hear drooling and you don't have an. The cavity and not a good thing and got gas. Wow. That's a tough time for you go back and again I had and I thought while you're in the dentist's chair at. I here's a new and social media manager. This means your job is to take care of a company's online web sites not not their regular website but like their FaceBook and there is degree of their Twitter. That pays between sixty and 90000 dollars a year to be social media manager now of course that's arrange it could be less for small company you know we do can they just make us do it right now I. Video game designer between eighty and a 150000. Dollars a year in your job there is to not only come up with a games but to put the team together that. Makes the game test it and bug checks it not that it's announced it would love to do that sure but an even appeared to be even you know and no ledger he had to do that one of the odd that you achieved getting that job because there's so for. Few of those probably yeah arm out as a lot of video game is a lot of designers and company I guess while the apps now to. Tokyo's. A move it up to number fourteen analyst was web master now that is the person who is responsible for a company's web site we need one that pays 68000. Dollars a year which is instinct is in some ways that may be less than the social media manager these days. They say the reason that social media image or actually asked to interact with the deal within set policies for dealing with outside. People working without that county where the web master pretty much just puts together the web page. Then at number thirteen is the IT director. 125. To 200000 a year that's the person who make sure their count me as email make sure there Obey and the whatever that is sarbanes Oxley. So that you know the IT guys making money that within you have to have it factor. In that area. I and that was hospital administrator a hundred in twenty to 240000. You make the hospital more efficient by finding ways to save money. And again that was a job satisfaction when a lot of times they're like if they find ways to make things better for the doctors they feel good about it. And then the most interesting of all probably the number one new recommended job I see it and is mobile app developer. A 10233000. Dollars a year and these people basically writer program apps for businesses. Whether it's that app that you have for our radio station for example or if it's the instinct Graham apple or some other app that you have that you like on your found. The people make in those apps are making good money there's lots of different apps lots of different needs they're constantly new needs coming up every day. So there's a ton of room to have to get these jobs details coming up a realistic list. But what practically half. At. Yeah that's vulnerable areas you militants into.