Wednesday, October 4th

Americans and Europeans do things a little differently, and apparently, Americans are a little more uptight.  Listen and find out what we do differently.


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Found it interesting study and they were asking women about how they take care of their bras yeah. A turns out that Europeans and Americans do a lot of things very differently and that's kind of odd because we all came from there. I mean we were in Europe and then we decided to come to America make our own country and somewhere during the last 200 so years. We got a lot more uptight about most things in the Europeans are. Like when it comes to dating and staff were a little bit more you know likely to shower more often than they are in the air growth in certain area were more likely shave in certain areas we are likely that we are deodorant and they aren't -- And there's a lot of differences. But when it comes to draw as we didn't really and better off than them passed math well they asked people whether they would go a long time without washing their brawl are not and they went through different periods of time and for the most part. American women go longer without washing their broad than European women. I'm not always but in a lot of cases they said that. The most common a length of time for both Europeans and Americans is to before days. But that was the Europeans were most likely to say two to four days Americans were willing to push it to five to seven days more than Europeans learned. So American women are willing to go maybe even a whole week without washing their broad and some of and 20% Evans said one to two weeks. Now is it because we do take more showers maybe they don't take enough showers that after a couple 23 days they have to wash the bra whereas American women's shower more often gets thin kid I like yeah. You know I remember because my mom we know we believe she used to hanging when we were younger hang the clothes and on the line. And so she can hang her bras out there on the line why not all because all the neighbors with Jack I don't know I don't know. And his academic who taught how. Yeah sports news about half I thought I guess LA had a rule that know him. Those she would the remember her brought me in on the doorknob Ilya and she also put it over the Asia our yeah yeah man. I've got to start doing the same kind of stop paying him outside where you live on May answer I'm half you know imagine handout it like yeah. It looked up bodies apartment bombings on a flag is. I use this flag a couple of a okay well that instead mountains yeah. At there's an hour's flag. I was and as pairs and Roeper left. It okay. They also asked American and European women do you take your draw the moment you get home. In America. Yes and it's just yes 99. Point 2% of American women said yeah I take my broth the moment I get home Europeans was only 89%. Say they were more likely to keep their broad once they home necessarily take an offer OK you're on the point 8% it doesn't my mom does. Because I tea like okay we know. While I was gonna show it on on. Because like I'll. Be visiting her when you know and then it will be just me I don't think kids and it was just me and her okay if for some reason she goes convoy gets walk around the house. Brawl us. And then it would be like someone's come in over the call came gonna come over and all of my mama home here I guess I have to put my brawn on their term and already here complains. Voter fraud because companies come and our. You think that's bad wait until the day when she doesn't say that because. Hot hot hot hot hot hot Sharon did it really Baghdad. And they also asked women have you ever decided not to leave home because you already took off your broad. So you got home you to get off and you're like oh I need to run back at the grocery store but I'm not gonna do it because party to drop my broth. American women 65%. Of them said they have decided not to leave home. Only 38% European women I don't know the European women just went ahead with or without the raw power or if they'd already it left there's laws it's like credit card don't leave home about it. I saw a pet posted a mean it's been awhile back it indeed said when this mom gets home and her Brock comes up don't ask me to go anyway. Don't ask Celsius dot com and you'll. And the knots over. Saying now here's an odd when that they asked in this group they asked women do you make hair art from your hair coming off in the shower. My wife does this divvied it. Here on the side of the shower when I get and I think she Mitt to take him out or their bit for god. And so I get in a night's dream for his second is I think is a giant bug in the shower and I realize it's her. Air. Or come up draw us we work this year and I went there do you think there. That square where even the brought your mom. An expert when in my math and some help but that's wrong. In. And I've got three and two Brothers that this has played somebody here issues. All over the past I he'll come our Internet forget it makes them for Lisa I hit well we were Brothers I had them the heat. Or other women and it. Well you let people come over and volunteer to help you with the abroad not just anybody. Just talking his brother's I. I think that the indictment. And the draw extra education. You are welcome news.