Tom Steele

Tom Steele was born to a rocket scientist family in Rockledge Florida. His dad was actually a rocket scientist at NASA.  Tom was destined to follow in his father's footsteps and went to college in Nashville TN at David Lipscomb University where he majored in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics. This is why he comes across as a know-it-all.  He kind of does...


In Nashville, he met Hawk Harrison and they began working together at a radio station there. They hosted a show called "The Late Night Lunatics" and Tom decided it was way more fun than building rockets.


His dad didn't speak to him for a year, but Tom took a job at the radio station after graduating and he and Hawk have worked together in Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL and of course now at B93.7 in Greenville, SC for the past 20 years.


For many years Tom was known as "The Upstate's Most Eligible Bachelor" and "The Sharp Dressed Man of the Upstate" (self-proclaimed) until he met his wife, Jaime. Many hearts were broken when Tom and Jaime were married and Tom was no longer on the market.


Tom and Jaime have two children, a son named Quinn who was born in 2007 and a daughter named Samantha who was born in 2008.  Once they figured out what was causing the kids to show up, they quit that and aren't planning on having any more, uh, kids.


Tom loves being a dad because really he's just a big kid himself.  Hawk and Tom consider themselves fortunate to have found a company that will actually PAY THEM to do this stuff and consider every day to be another day in paradise on B93.7.  


Tom loves technology and is usually the first geek to have anything new that is out there, whether is it Oculus Rift VR technology or the first iPhone "back in the day." He also enjoys fast cars, guns and believes very strongly in individual rights and freedom and he loves to write exaggerated biographies of himself in third person and post them on the station website.