Heidi Aiken

M-Sat 5a-10a

“How do you put up with those guys in the morning?" That’s a questions Heidi hears all the time! Yeah, they pick on her a lot, but,  it’s good for laughs and a lot of fun to hear her zing them back.  As ”The “Voice of Reason” on the Morning show with Hawk ,Tom and Kato, Heidi holds her own, offering her take on dating, relationships, and family. As a working Mom, Heidi understands what your day is like, how you’re feeling and shares her experiences, in a way that will make you laugh, and, make you feel like you’ve got a friend on B93.7.

Listeners call all the time to find out where to go with the girls , where the best hot spots are, to find out about the best date night restaurants. And, you know, Heidi is the one that knows all about community events and activities! As News and Public Affairs Director, Heidi is in touch with the Movers and Shakers that make things happen. So, you know, you’ll get the latest 411, to keep you in the know!

So when you see her, out and about, it’ll be like meeting your best friend. Go ahead, say hi,  and give her a hug, Heidi loves that!