Hawk Harrison

M-Sat 5a-10a

Hawk was born in middle Tennessee. He began his radio career by pretending to be a radio personality in the bedroom he shared with his little brother. The early years of practicing to be a DJ were brutal on his little brother, a captive audience of one. 

Hawk graduated from Middle Tennessee with a broadcasting degree and a double minor in speech and psychology. His first break into real radio was at station WSMT in Sparta reading obituaries. You can only imagine how awkward it was trying to work his jokes into that show. He quickly moved on to the Nashville radio scene at WYHY and then on to The Power Pig WFLZ in Tampa, FL. He moved to Greenville in the 90’s and has since called B93.7 his true home.

Hawk loves waking up every morning and sharing his life with all his friends in the Upstate. He has two boys, Asa and Judah, who help bring crazy content everyday. On top of the family stories that he shares, he loves prank calling people.