Behind The Scenes at the AMAs: MAX Has His Mind Read by Poppy

MAX is on vocal rest, Poppy has it covered

October 8, 2018
Poppy and MAX

No voice? No problem. Despite MAX’s current mute state, the fun-sized slayer is still killing it. 

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MAX isn’t letting his current vocal rest get in his way. The “Lights Down Low” singer enlisted the help of Poppy to keep his interviews going, having the artist turned psychic read his mind and communicate answers for him. 

The wonderfully uncomfortable duo is giving us all of the answers we didn’t know we needed, from when he thinks award shows are going to be old news to whether or not he actually likes American music. It is the American Music Awards, after all. 

MAX’s House of Divine tour is still in full force and runs through early November with stops throughout the US. He’s definitely not mute while onstage, delivering powerful vocals spread throughout new songs and accented by his most ambitious stage set up yet. 

Listen to the first single off of his upcoming album, House of Divine, below and keep an eye out for a lot more new music soon.