Smoke and God

January 29, 2018

      I am still in complete shock from what happened this morning.  I was getting ready for work and I had hit the snooze button quite a few times.  So much so that my Mom had to text me to get up.  Yes, as a millennial adult who doesn’t want the baggage and couldn’t even afford rent if I wanted, I do live with my parents.  I needed them more than just financially this morning though because my space heater blew up and caught fire.

     I was putting my pants on and smelt the fire first.  I turned around to see my space heater in one tall flame.  I rushed over to it, put my pillow around the flame to try and smoother it but that didn’t help.  I yelled downstairs, “Mama, Mama FIRE, FIRE!”  She jumped and ran upstairs unplugging the heater.  My dad was quickly behind her up the stairs and he grabbed the heater.  I don’t know what he did with it.  I heard the bathroom sink running so I guess he threw it under water, idk. After the occurrence, there was a weird moment where I kept trying to get ready even though there was smoke clouding my whole room.

      There was so much smoke I started coughing and felt light headed from it.  I kept right on getting ready for work because I was already running late.  My Mom came back upstairs to open the window and told me to get out immediately.  I still got in my car as normal and started driving to work.  The severity of the situation didn’t hit me until I started praying and thanking God for keeping us safe.  I’m trying not to think of the what-ifs and instead, think about why it did happen.

     God wants to see our gratefulness but I believe He wants more than just that.  Actually, I watched a sermon yesterday from Steven Furtick called #HarvestProblems that suggested God puts us through problems so we can harvest the blessing He has for our future. I felt God speaking to me during that sermon but I didn’t understand what the fire was all about.  The story about Moses in Exodus 3:3 where he saw a burning bush popped in my mind.  Moses was faced with a problem he had with the Israelites and one thing God said to him through the burning bush was, “I am concerned about their suffering so I have come down to rescue them”.  Moses was still questioning God about what he should do and God answered, “I will be with you”. 

     I know what my problem is.  It’s one I’ve been battling with for a while.  God made me to be an entertainer but here lately I feel as if I am nothing but an endorser.  Sure, I have a radio show and I am proud of it but I don’t feel satisfied.  I feel more as if I’m settling.  You should know, Friday morning I asked God to show me a clear path for my future and before even discussing my thoughts with a co-worker, I was given some clarification to my problem.  And then, after an all-day event on Saturday, I sat at a bar to have dinner by myself and wound up meeting a wonderful girl named Katherine who gave me sound advice.  It was perfectly what I needed to hear but I still wished it was in God’s voice…but what even is that?

      It became apparent to me that God has been speaking to me the whole time.  I realized it on my drive into work after I remembered a joke I had heard once.  It went like this:  A man was stuck at sea and prayed for God to save him.  A tug boat came by and told the man to get on and the man answered, “No, I’m waiting for God to save me.” The man kept praying and the next day, a sail boat came by and offered to help but the man refused again saying, “It’s fine. God will save me.”  The man kept praying and the third day, a freight boat came by and he just waved at them as they passed.  The man eventually died at sea and when he got to heaven, he asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?”  God answered, “I sent you three boats, what more did you want?” 

     What if the burning space heater was my third boat?  Life is too short not to chase your purpose in this life.  We were put on this earth from God, each of us with our own passions and we must not waste our time.  If I would have died this morning from the fire, I wouldn’t ask God why He didn’t help me.  I’d say I’m sorry for not giving it all I’ve got towards the passion He gave me.  Make a move with me today friend and let’s get one step closer to what we were made to do.  Ask God for guidance.  He’ll show you alright and you better be ready to listen!