Nothing Short of Perfect

October 3, 2017

      I know you’re itchin’ to hear all about my California trip.  Okay I know, it’s more I’m itching to tell you about it and it was nothing short of perfect!  It didn’t start that way since the Survivor Premiere Party I was supposed to go to was cancelled two days before flying out but everything on this trip seemed to line up in such ways that it couldn’t have gone any better.  Well I mean if we’re getting technical, if I would have met Ryan Murphy and he wanted me to audition for his next project…nah, everything happens for a reason so that day will come.   Truthfully though, there were several moments in each day where I said out loud to myself, “well that was perfect”.

     For this trip I had no real desire to do any of the touristy things but once I got off the plane, I found myself looking over the Santa Monica pier and dipping my toes in the ocean, which boy was it cold!!  I was urged to do so by my friend Will, who picked me up from the airport and I’m actually glad he made me do it.  My mind was on my family while I was walking to the end of the pier, especially when I saw a man with a child on his shoulders.  It made me sad to think of my baby niece and I just wished my family was there to see all the performers spread across the boardwalk, the rides and of course, the ocean.  At the end of the pier, there was a lone seal who was swimming back and forth waiting for a fish to be caught on a line.  My niece would have loved that but ironically, the sadness disappeared the moment I saw that seal because I was reminded that I was just one of the performers in this big ol’ city waiting for my one bite.

My friend Will and I at the Santa Monica Pier.

   The next day I woke up and went hiking with an old friend who I used to work with at Barney’s Beanery.  Fun fact, Barney’s is the oldest bar in West Hollywood and where Janis Joplen ate her last meal before overdosing.  Back to my friend Whitney though, who’s from Arkansas and loves God just as much as I do!  We have stayed connected from when I used to live in California in 2011 and we’d go hiking every week.  Fast forward six years and she’s still pushing me both up the mountain and to go after my dreams.  She knew I was supposed to be out in LA for the Survivor Premiere so she encouraged me to email anyone I knew in the Survivor world to get to a party.  Trust me, I emailed everyone and Survivor Superfans would get a kick out of all the castaways I talked to! Just to name a few, Jonny Fairplay was helping me, Max Dawson said he’d host me if he wasn’t already going somewhere, Ozzy messaged me back although he was too busy managing his new restaurant, and even Russell Hantz who cancelled on me tried to hook me up with people!  No one could help so I sat in a hot Beverly Hills apartment sweating and watching the premiere on my cell phone through CBS All Access. 

My friend Whitney and I hiking Runyon Canyon.

     Things in life don’t ever go perfectly to our plan, that’s the beauty of it and if it wasn’t for Russell Hantz cancelling, I wouldn’t have had a ninety minute conversation about Survivor with his producer, Mike Lawson.  He wanted to treat me to lunch saying it was the least he could do but for a girl who loves Survivor and eating, little did he know I was sitting in a piece of Heaven for an hour and thirty minutes!  The day kept going wonderfully as I went to meet my old high school friend Mikey.  It was so hot in LA, we decided to enjoy a cold daiquiri while catching up but I couldn’t stay for long because I had to jet back to Beverly Hills for another networking session.

My friend Mikey and me.

     The meeting I had was with two sisters who both have established lives in Los Angeles.  I got hooked up with them through my friend Katie who is the manager of Light Rx Face and Body in Greenville.  I met Katie at Light Rx so not only is that company changing my body for the better but I honestly believe that the connection I made with the sisters will change my life for the better too!  The sisters were named Ace and Alexa and our chat started very professionally by them giving me information on how to get an agent or manager but as the night went on, the girls and I sparked up a convo about boys and our beliefs!  Their roommate was there too, Maggie who like the sisters came from Montana to California and you know when you just know something?  Well I knew that I wanted these girls to be in my life as more than just a meet-up session in LA.  I wanted them to be my friends and they must have felt the same way because they invited me to go to their friend’s birthday party the next night!

Here's Ace, Maggie, and me!

     Before I could party on my last night in LA, I had work to do! Whitney wanted to see me before I left so I chose to have lunch at Barney’s while she was working.  I was sitting at the bar alone and one of the locals, Jim started up a conversation with me.  I never meet a stranger so quickly, I found out he used to be a sheriff in LA and he found out that I’m just another dreamer in town hoping to become a successful actor.  Jim was surprised to find out that I already have a foot in the entertainment industry as a radio personality.   That sparked his interest and when I told him I was meeting a huge radio producer later that evening, he wound up calling his friend, Ralph who came straight to The Bean to meet me!  Ralph has a few friends who are working successfully in the radio industry and he was fine with me picking his brain before my meeting later.  It went from picking his brain to him physically showing me his work on the patio of the bar! Right there on his cell phone, I watched four minutes of the show he wrote that was just bought by a major network and as I was sitting there with him with the cars passing, honking without hesitation at anyone a millisecond late on a green and even hobos across the street smoking their ciggys, I couldn’t help but say out loud, “this is perfect”.

     I was in the City the Angels, Tinseltown, La La Land and perfectly, the whole week I felt as if I was Emma Stone in that movie.  No lie, I was even singing while walking through the airport at one point!  The palm trees, the slight breeze, and the thought that there were people just as ambitious as me made it easy to love even the traffic and lack of humidity but my trip isn’t over.  I still had the meeting with the producer.  I can’t tell you where he was from but it was a major radio station and while I want to name him as I’ve named everyone else who is significant to my trip, I don’t think it would be smart to.  I will tell you, the only reason I got hooked up with him is because a co-worker told me a former DJ for Entercom now works in San Diego.  I reached out to her and I will name her, Dawne Davis and I want to thank her greatly because while I wasn’t able to drive the two hours to meet her, she hooked me up with a great contact!

      The producer I met gave me a whole tour of his radio station which was on the 14th floor of a highly secured building.  I mention the floor because that was one of the best parts.  The view was truly breathtaking as it stood above the city with mountains in the background and a clear look of the Hollywood sign.  I told the producer, “with a view like this man, you’re livin’ the dream!”  He just laughed and told me he supposed he did take it for granted. I’d say, for sure he’s taking it for granted because looking out the ceiling to floor glass wall, I easily drifted into “La La Land” once again and I left with a big smile on my face.

     Feeling this good, it was definitely time to party! I met up with my new girlfriends and we headed to the Hawaiian themed party in West LA. I walked through the door, put a lei around my neck, popped an umbrella straw in my drink, and mingled with those locals until the night had to end.  I woke up that morning fully satisfied since I got to try Pho for dinner and I definitely recommend you try it for yourself! Before I knew it, the guy I stayed with, Daniel drove me to the airport and I was headed back to the east coast.  Another fun fact for ya: I know Daniel because he was my first director in a full-length film where I played Girlfriend #3.  He’s kept up with me ever since and was nice enough to offer his couch to me.  

It's Ace, Maggie, and me at the Hawaiin party!

     Okay, back to this serendipitous trip!  I’m on the plane, in my window seat which I picked a month ago and beside me was supposed to be a man but he asked a woman on our row if he could swap with her.  This woman was named Dorie. I could make a ridiculous joke about how I found Dorie but no, we found each other and you might think this is more ridiculous than the joke itself but I believe we were put on that plane for a reason.  It was another one of those, you just know moments where I knew I was supposed to meet her.  Dorie had a wonderful soul and she made my four hour flight so delightful.  She grew up living all around the world and even with us having two totally different backgrounds, we meshed incredibly well.  While I could tell you everything we talked about, I think I’ll keep that magic to myself except what she told me when we went to get our bags.  As she hugged me, Dorie said, “this isn’t goodbye, this is I’ll see you soon”.  So when will I see Dorie again?  Let’s hope I’m still blogging the story when it does because I know, it will be perfect.