Love, what the heck?

February 20, 2018

     Last week was Valentine’s but it wasn’t just the commercial holiday that had love circling my brain.  Perfectly planned, I had just finished up a project I took on called “Upstate Dates” where leading up to V-Day, I went on five different first dates.  The dates were always something exciting from rock climbing to an escape room to bowling but here’s the catch, each time I went on these dates I had to go live on Facebook at 7pm. The point was to inform viewers why that activity was good for a first date or not.  I know it’s not fair to the guys but the truth is, the whole time I was doing these dates, I was Kate Hudson’s character in “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.  It was all an assignment to me, that is, until Matthew McConaughey himself walked right in to the picture.

     Alright, alright, alright…it wasn’t Matthew, how epic would that have been? To me though, he was just as good.  Tall, 6’4’’ to be exact.  He was a gentleman, attractive, and a professional athlete but even knowing all this, I went into it as Date #4 but it wasn’t just date #4.  His drive for his sport, his passion to get better and just the way we looked at each other made it undeniable that this date wasn’t serving as just a creative outlet for me anymore.  I’m telling you, both on camera and off, the chemistry between us was so strong!  Even this morning, I had a complete stranger ask if I was still seeing Date #4, who surprise surprise, wound up being date #5 and getting a third date as well.

     I hate to report that right as the week of love was beginning, our flourished fling ended.  He didn’t ghost me, cricket me or any other made up millennial term.  He just stopped pursuing me and I can’t be mad because my intentions were never to find the love of my life anyways, truly it wasn’t but I couldn’t help but think this boy was playing me at my own game.  Was the movie actually coming to life?  This made my project go beyond just first dates now.  I went back and made notes in my February issue of Cosmo, I watched Ted Talks on relationships, and I let my girlfriends vent relentlessly about their failed relationships.  I just needed to see what went wrong.

     Here’s what I found out; women absolutely beat themselves to the core about boys and they’re not even worth it!  Sure, date #4 was a wonderful 74 inches but remember, THE WOMAN IS THE PRIZE.  If you put yourself out there and a guy doesn’t reciprocate, he’s not the one, point blank. Don’t  you dare torture yourself or start blaming yourself for slipping up on “the rules” because listen, if the guy’s into you, he’s going to want you and he’ll overlook any little blunder.  Picture-perfect example is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days..okay, maybe that’s not the best example since both parties were dishonest to one another from the get-go but hey, it wound up working out so the point basically is that the right mate is out there for you.  You just have to do you and he’ll come running or if he wants to pull a Matthew McConaughey, he’ll ride up on a motorbike hailing your taxi..or uber.  So, my advice is you keep chasing your dreams steadfast with my request being please don’t send me any sappy sorry’s over my love life (promise, I’m fine) and my wish for you is that you never forget how valuable you really are. <3

PS- If you want to talk more about dating, I’m actually starting a new video series that mixes my thoughts with tequila. Go follow my Facebook through this link to watch and get in on the conversation!