God or no God, your Dreams mean something

September 6, 2017

     In my last blog I wrote about how I had a dream and got a real world sign with it.  It’s a must read blog, especially after last night because unbelievably, I had another epiphany through a dream.  I’m not a psychic.  I actually believe we all can learn so much about ourselves and our future’s if we listen and evaluate our dreams.  Yes we, as in you too can start understanding what’s going to happen in your waking life from dreamland. Before I delve any deeper in the subject, let me start off by saying, I am a Christ follower by all means and believe deeply that God has a sole purpose for each of our beings.

     It is also my belief that God talks to us through the bible, other people, our guts, little serendipitous signs, or basically anything around us.  Never have I heard a stern, deep voice give me an answer but I have absolutely had an intuitive feeling tell me to do something.  There was a time I was working a third shift job while going to college and I begged God to show me what to do with my life.  Before even needing God’s answer, I knew I needed out of that third shift life so I had my resumes ready to apply at some boutiques on Main Street but something inside my gut told me to go down another street and that’s when I saw a boutique I never knew even existed.  I went in to apply and they weren’t hiring but the employee there had just retired from the radio industry and a month later, she had a hand in getting me my job in radio!

    Such a serendipitous moment from God and last night, He answered one of my prayers again!  I actually am a bit ashamed to admit that I asked God to help me find a bracelet but it does say in the bible in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it shall be given to you” so I asked for two weeks. I’m not a materialistic person at all but my sister and baby niece (who both are my whole world) gave it to me and I was convinced that if I kept having faith, it would turn up.  Here’s maybe too much information but I thought my friend’s dog swallowed it and she’d find it while on a walk with him.  Yeah TMI but after the dream I had last night, I thought this morning was going to be when she’d scoop it up.

     Let me tell you the dream.  There was an attractive red headed boy and I was dating his friend who I have no idea who it was.  I haven’t had any red heads in my life recently so I don’t know why he was in my subconscious but my bracelet was at the red heads apartment.  I had walked in with “my boy” who then got mad that my bracelet was over at the red heads house.  I have no idea what all of that meant but I had my bracelet back and that’s all that mattered and I woke up this morning knowing I was going to find it.  Low and behold, when I went to my chiropractor later today, my beloved bracelet was back in my possession!!

     I had lost it two weeks ago when I had a massage after my adjustment.  I was loopy afterwards so I guess that’s why I left my bracelet but why would God allow me to go through that loss?  As a woman who presumes everything happens for a reason, I know this was God showing me His power when I am faithful.  I will always bow down to Him but if you do not believe in a spiritual Father like me, even if you believe in Nothing, one cannot deny we have dreams and even if he or she is not faith-based, they can still see their future through their dreams.  Dreams simply are our subconscious brains mixed with a bit of fantasy.  There are actually researchers who have interpreted the meanings of dreams and after writing in a dream journal every morning (yes, for real I do that), I look up the meanings.  All you have to do is use keywords from your dream.

     Let’s take the dream I had last night as an example.  The keywords I would use would be red-head, jealousy, bracelet and found. I like to use DreamMoods.com to analyze my dreams but when I looked up “red-head”, it only gave me an interpretation if I dreamt I was red head so I looked on a different site, DreamMeans.com.  It said to dream about a red-head means “the focus of your life is your values and beliefs”.  That’s a definite match with my subconscious since my bracelet represents my love for my sister and niece.  The next word was jealousy but just as the first word, there wasn’t a clear definition that fit my circumstance on both websites.  DreamMoods took this one and suggested that I fear intimacy which is absolutely a true statement.  Moving on to the next word, bracelet.  It’s apparent why I was dreaming about it since it’s been on my mind ever since I lost it but DreamMoods says to see a bracelet in your dreams means you are feeling very passionate. Yeah, I passionately wanted my bracelet back and just for the record, DreamMeans said to find a bracelet means, “good property will come into your possession”…which it did!  For the last word, found, DreamMeans said, “You are recognizing a part of yourself that was undeveloped” and DreamMoods said the exact same thing. 

     That’s just an example of how you can understand your dreams, thoughts, and circumstances for your future better.  I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to find my bracelet.  My faith has a lot to do with that but my awareness of my dreams played a factor too!  If you want to comprehend your dreams on a different level, I recommend you keep a dream journal.  Look up the meanings to the key things you see while you sleep and jot it down.  Keeping a dream journal will help you remember more of your dreams as well.  It’s a fascinating discovery when you realize your sleep dreams are helping you get your real life dreams.  This morning was one of those moments for me and as bad as I wanted my bracelet, I’m so glad it wasn’t found after being digested by a dog!