Give it All ya Got, always.

February 7, 2018

     Give it all ya got.  I say this little quote often throughout my day and I do mean, every day.  I say it to myself as a mantra, I say it to my 5 year old niece every time she leaves me, and I say it to my co-workers when I feel they need to hear it.  It’s a saying I grew up with that was said countless times by my father although he didn’t say it in that same way.  His version was, “don’t mail it in” but however it’s said, this is my mentality and twice now in a week’s span, its left me discouraged.

     To give 100% of yourself to anything in life is definitely hard to do but when you brave through it, you’re success rate skyrockets! Think of the law of attraction, “what you put into something is what you’ll get out of it”!  Unfortunately though, not everyone thinks this way which is where my distress came from. I don’t want to get into details because honestly, I’ve vented enough about it!  Instead of pointing fingers at people, I will say in both assignments, one that was through work and one I did in my personal time, it was apparent that the people working with me were “mailing it in”.

     I spent a month on the personal task and for the work one, I had four days to devote my energy.  Of course, more time is always better to prepare for anything but if you don’t spend that time correctly, it doesn’t even matter how much time you have!  And when you actually give 100% of yourself, no explanations needed.  So you know what I think it all boils down to??..who actually wants to succeed, that’s what!  When you care about something and want to do well, it will show and vice versa when you’re mailin’ it in.

     The people that don’t give it their all simply don’t care about it enough or more so, they don’t care how their image will be reflected.  Someone is going to argue with me about that statement but those having to argue their efforts usually didn’t put any effort in to begin with!  I’m just being honest because as a woman who absolutely does give until I cannot give anymore, I know I never have to argue about what I’ve put forth.  I went above and beyond but it was because of other people’s lack of determination leaving me with emotions of defeat.

    Last week, instead of putting my talent in an envelope with a half licked stamp, I marched my skills straight down a runway.  I cried behind closed doors because I thought other people’s lack of effort would hinder me but in the end, I wound up being noticed after all! Someone saw me performing at one of the events and he asked if I’d be interested in being a part of a sketch show.  HECK YES, I AM!...and you already know, I’m going to give everything I got on that stage!  Follow me on all of my social media platforms (@JillanaDarby) to see where I’ll be performing. 

    Always remember, Never Give Up and Give it all ya got every chance you get because Everything happens for a reason!     

**Photography by Barry Peters Photography
***Dress from Dimtra Designs
***Hair by WilliamsonRaines Salon