The Day the Earth stood still

August 24, 2017

     The total solar eclipse was the most hyped up event for the upstate of South Carolina and for good reason too!  For the first time in 99 years, the path of totality was going from coast to coast and we had the best view in the country. I witnessed the beauty with my own eyes and it was an amazingly historic event but something even more macroscopic happened to me this week and I want to tell you about it.  Before I do though, I’d like to point something out to everyone reading.  This statement comes from the last two blogs I wrote that fueled a ton of controversy.  

     This is my blog and defined from Google, a blog is a regularly updated website that is written in a conversational style.  I was told by several people, even family members that I need to start keeping a diary instead of blogging.  Well a diary, also defined by Google is a book in which one keeps a record of events and experiences.  If at any point I offend you by my words, I am sorry but I ask that you continue reading and hear me out on my thoughts.  If you can’t be as open minded to at least read to the last sentence, I’d rather you not read my diary at all.  Yes, my diary, my internet diary, where I want to tell you things, share how I feel, and let out emotions that maybe Hawk and Tom wouldn’t let me express on their show. So now, I want to tell you about one of the best moments I have ever experienced. 

     If anyone asks me who has influenced me to chase my dreams, that answer is simple.  It’s the only person who I truly feel believes in me 100% who sadly, is no longer physically on this Earth.  My Nanny passed away when I was in 11th grade.  She was the woman who taught me how to play piano, she signed me up for my first 5K race (which you should know, competitive running wound up being a huge part of my life), and she is the woman who made sure I was on stage in front of people performing.  My Nanny would always voice her opinion but her thoughts never came from a bad place.  She was a kind-hearted woman who was the most faithful servant of God.

     One can only hope to be as loved as she was when they pass away and if I’m not, at least I have the lessons she taught me.  The most monumental memory happened one day when I was acting like a little brat.  My Nanny’s cousins were visiting from Gastonia and she wanted me to play the piano for them but at ten years old or even younger, I was being stubborn and just didn’t want to.  When I kept refusing to play, Nanny quickly jerked me up from my arm and said, “When you’ve got talent, you’ve got to show it!”  Someone could say that was a bit harsh but that tough love has made that thought stick in my brain.  It’s what drives me to never give up and to remember, I have talent that people need to see.

     My Nanny’s words are always in my head and I am constantly telling myself to Never Give Up but even if I use these mantra’s every day, I still struggle and here lately, I’ve been so stressed,  I called out to my Nanny in a dream.  I knew I was sleeping and all I saw was pinkish clouds.  In my dream, I was holding a landline phone from the 90’s and all I remember was asking Nanny, “what do I do?”  I didn’t get an answer that night but a couple days later I was telling my friend about the dream.  I told her all about my Nanny, more in depth than what I told you and at the very moment I said the what do I do line, a big, yellow butterfly flew by us.  We were sitting outside a restaurant near a very busy highway and this butterfly came out of NO WHERE and it was so big my friend thought it was a bird!  I had never seen anything like it! 

    If you don’t know the significance of a yellow butterfly passing you, you’re probably thinking, well that isn’t as big as the total solar eclipse.  Here’s why it is though: anytime a yellow butterfly crosses your path, it’s said you’re getting a message from a deceased loved one so for a huge one to pass by me the MOMENT I was telling my dream and said the part, what do I do, yeah what’s the odds?  No odds, it was God allowing my Nanny to answer that question and I knew exactly what needed to be done.  Tears fell straight from my eyes, just like when I saw the solar eclipse but this moment was way more spiritual and personal. Always look for signs in life but precisely at this time as I’m writing, I must end this diary entry to go be on the local entertainment show, Scene on 7.  Nanny told me to go show my talent so I’ve gotta go for now but I’ll tell you exactly what she told me to do in a later blog.  Winky wink.