From a date back to the dream!

July 19, 2017

     When you go on a date, there’s three things you’re not supposed to talk about: religion, politics, and money.  I’ve heard this so many times I’ve adapted it in my brain so on a first date that I went on last weekend, might I add a blind date set up by a friend, I made sure not to bring up any of those things.  Instead, I brought up the three things that help make us who we are as individuals: the head, the heart, and our gut.  I asked my date which one of those organs he makes decisions with and he just looked at me perplexed.  While he sat there in silence, I could tell he wanted me to move on from that weird question but I wanted an answer!

     His answer was going to show me just what kind of person he was.  Think about it this way, if he says he makes his decisions with his head then he must think logically through all scenarios.  If he chooses the heart then he goes with his emotions more often and if he says he goes with his gut, then that tells me he could be a daring man who goes with his instincts.  Simply put, its logic versus emotions versus instinct.  He answered, “heart, head, then gut”.

     Please know, there is no wrong answer.  I wasn’t going to be more attracted to him if he had said head first.  Actually, having me as a significant other, maybe head would be the best though but for just for a person to be aware at how they make decisions is impressive enough. I will say, our date went great!  I wound up telling my girlfriends that it was the best first date ever but even so, he hasn’t asked me out again and if the boy leads with his heart then it must be a no-go on his end. 

     Moving on, here’s how I rate mine: heart, gut, then head but when the boy had asked for my answer, I actually said gut first.  As much as I want to make decisions with my gut, I can’t sit here and say it’s true because I know I go with my heart on everything.  I wish I was courageous enough to go with my gut because I do believe that our gut is actually God speaking to us.  It’s referenced in the bible in Proverbs 20:27 (The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly) and in John 7: 38-39 (He that believes in me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water).  Even if you aren’t a Christ follower, you can’t deny that instinctual feeling you get at times that tells you which way you should go.

     In my case with knowing its God or in your case if you don’t, why is it so dang scary to follow the deep feelings we get in our gut?  For me, it’s because my heart just pulls so hard and my thoughts get mixed up in the middle somewhere.  I’ve always known, in both my gut and heart that I am supposed to entertain people but my problem’s been making the decision on how to get to the place I’m supposed to be.  Wow.  I think while writing this, I just made a self-discovery.  Both my heart and gut add up and know it’s my passion to entertain so I need to bring in my head and get all three working together!  I’ve always said Never Give Up so get a second wind with me and let’s follow our gut and heart and use our heads to get to our ultimate dreams!